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how to change quick launch keyboard buttons ???

  • i have a dell keyboard with the quick launch buttons on it above the F keys.. can i set them with a custom setting?? i.e   - 3 for a game the other buttons for other exe. 's  ?????:robothappy:
  • Hello,


    If you have Windows XP, you can use TweakUI to do this.


    There are no settings included with the Dell keyboard drivers.





  • no,, booooooo  im running Vista -- lots of probs at first but i fg'd. it out over time ---- im still gonna look in2  it --thnks alot
  • You could try this: which is third party, but may have the settings you want.



  • There is software that comes with the keyboard that controls those keys. Dell uses MS keyboards sometime that use Intellitype software available at the MS Download site. Did you look in Control Panel, Keyboard for a key settings tab? I have a MS KB that I use with Vista and the keys work fine with Intellitype.
  • no ,,darn ...i have Vista