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Does my BIOS need updating?


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Does my BIOS need updating?

  • Hello all,


    I have a Dimension 8200 Desktop with the following:


    Windows XP Home

    Pentium 4 1.8GHz (400 FSB)

    BIOS Version A05

    1280MB RAM


    I use the software called Sandra ( to check and identify my system information.

    It says my BIOs is out of date. I have never updated it, the system will be 6  years old in May 2008.


    I have been searching the internet and i found that doing a BIOS flash can ruin the whole system, which is a risk I do not want to take.


    How do I know if I need a BIOS update? I have found this:


    this I believe is the lasted update for my system.


    Any help would  be great.


  • From my first post: "I have been searching the internet and I found that doing a BIOS flash can ruin the whole system, which is a risk I do not want to take."


    correction: I meant  to say: doing a BIOS Flash INCORRECTLY will ruin my system.

  • Is your system working well?  Is there a bios-related issue you are having to deal with?  If not, there is no compelling need to update your bios.  As one who has had the power go off in the middle of flashing a bios, thus requiring replacement of a motherboard, I can tell you it is not necessary unless you have a problem to resolve.  I don't always follow my own advice here, but many of us believe if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • Personally I would not update it now.  After 6 years if it has not given you any problems it unlikely to now.   I usually update my BIOS when I am covered under the 1 year warranty.   After a year normally I see no more update and unlikely to install them since I have some risk.    On my XPS 410 I think I had 5 or 6 updates in the year.



  • I kinda figured that it would not be needed. Just for the record, how would i be able to tell if or when an upgrade is needed?


    I know that this system is getting old in the age of computers, and i plan on keeping it until i absoulely cannot upgrade anymore. I still plan on upgrading the RAM, Processor, sound and video cards. I will try to see it Vista will work, but i don think it will. If not i will reinstall XP and keep it.


  • Don't even think of switching to Vista. Your computer will be slower than ever and you'll have numerous driver issues. And for what purpose?  For the amount of money you plan on spending on upgrades you could buy a brand new system with warranty that will be faster than any upgraded computer.
  • Well  I do plan in getting a new system in the future, but i dont ever plan on getting rid of my current one. I think it would be great to have 20-25 years from now and to show my kids "Hey this is what the Computers looked like back then" I know  a friend of mine who still runs an orignal Apple IIe. Not sure what he can do with it today, but it still turns on and runs.

  • I have a dimension 4300 and i intend to upgrade my ram from 384 mb to 1024 mb. In one of the website i was searching regarding upgrading the memory they reccomend to upgrade your bios before upgrading the memory. Is this necessary? And if so how you go about upgrading the bios for a dimension 4300. I never upgraded the bios before and it seems to be a bit too risky. besides i never had any problems before with my computer. I would appreciate your suggestion. Thank you.