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Forgot Admin Password on my Dell Optiplex gx270..


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Forgot Admin Password on my Dell Optiplex gx270..

  • hi,

      Ive forgot my only user/administrator password on the computer.

    F8 and going into safe mode doesnt work as the hidden administrator or guest account is turned off.

    Also, i would like to restore the computer back to factory settings anyway.

    Is it possible to do this without a Dell cd and without logging onto my user?


    If anything i would like a way of recovering my password.


    Thanks alot.

  • Click here for a utility I have found very useful in resetting the Administrator password in both Windows XP and Win2k.  The utility basically clears the old password from the system and is run from a bootdisk.

  • I would use the boot cd but i dont have any blank cd's handy.

    Ive heard of key combinations when you reboot the computer.

    Like ctrl + f11, but they dont seem to work with my optiplex, are there any key combinations for it?

  • That utility also can be run from a floppy disk if you have a floppy drive in your system.  I've used it both ways and the results are the same.


    As for the CTRL + F11 keystroke,  I believe you are referring the PC Restore utility that restores the hard drive from a hidden image.  Basically the hard drive is restored to the same condition as when it first arrived and all previous data on the drive will be erased.  I don't know if this utility came on the Optiplex systems.  It did on the Dimension product line.  


    As for other keystroke options, there are none that I'm aware of to circumvent the Windows XP passwording.

  • Well, my dimension, (what im on now) doesnt have a floppy drive.

    so i guess the only option is to buy a cd from Dell, or make the resotre cd myself.