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XPS 420 Bluetooth Problem


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XPS 420 Bluetooth Problem

  • The situation:  I got the 19-1 media card reader with Dell Bluetooth installed with my 1 week old XPS 420.  The system came with Vista  Home Premium.  But I have decided to update to Vista Ultimate.  When I upgraded, the following problem appeared with my bluetooth.  First, my bluetooth mouse and keyboard (which came with the machine) continue to function just fine so there is nothing wrong with the Bluetooth itself.  However, the OS does not recognize the bluetooth.  It does not display the bluetooth logo on the bottom toolbar and I do not get "Bluetooth" in device manager.  In the Control Panel, there is a bluetooth icon, but when I click on it, it doesn't show anything.  I can't pair anything and under hardware tab, the fields are all blanks.


    My take:  I think when I upgraded, somehow Vista is thinking the bluetooth is something else.  I am sure one of the components that are listed at HID or something else (I dont know what most of these components mean) is actually the Bluetooth.  In other words, vista is recognizing the bluetooth device as some other type of device.


    Things I have tried: 

    (1)  I tried to reinstall the drivers on Dell's website--it told me that I need to turn the Radio on (but there is no way to turn the radio on--it should already be on). 


    (2)  One of the threads said that when you upgrade, you need to run some other file that turns of the bluetooth on.  I ran this file, but it told me that it did not find any bluetooth devices.  Keep in mind that my mouse and keyboard (which are BT) are working just fine.


    (3) checked all wires.  They are fine.



    Please Help:  I want to uninstall everything related to bluetooth.  I don't know how.  There is no bluetooth device recognized, so there is nothing to uninstall.  I am sure that the computer is recognizing the device as something else.  How can I find out what of the hundreds of devices installed are the BT device?


    Other:  Dell customer service was extremely unhelpful.  I paid $200 extra for a 3 yr contract.  When I call them they tell me that because I upgraded my OS, they cannot help me.  They asked me to contact Microsoft.  I am so disgusted.  This is Dell's hardware/driver problem.  I am not going to pay MSFT $10/min to resolve this.


    Thanks in advance for reading this long post.

  • So, you are saying that you can't see Bluetooth devices listed in Device Manager under Bluetooth Radios, Network Adapters, and Sound Video and game controllers?


    Have you tried to physically unplug the media card reader from your PC, then boot the PC back up?  Then, shut down the PC again, and reconnect the card reader and boot it backup...see if Vista re-installs the driver.


    If that still doesn't work, try downloading the latest driver from www.widcomm.com.  That's what I'm using as I was unable to get bluetooth stereo working with my Sony Bluetooth headphones using Dell's drivers.

  • That is correct. I tried all those things.  None of them worked.  But I finally figured it out...the Logitech Setpoint software that came preinstalled with my Dell somehow prevented windows from seeing the bluetooth.  It took me awhile to figure it out.  I did a writeup somewhere (i think the thread is called:  bluetooth problems?  try these solutions) to help others.  PS....Dell's support center was terrible.  They absolutely refused to help or even stay on the phone with me after they found out I upgraded my OS from Vista home to ultimate.  They just kept telling me to restore to factory default.
  • I'm glad you were able to figure it out.  I'm still having problems with the Xcelerator on my XPS 420 after I upgraded to Vista Ultimate.  Spent half an hour on hold with Dell support and then spent another half hour going through the troubleshooting with support.  In the end, we thought the problem was fixed but it came back.  I didn't tell them I upgraded the OS because I knew they would blame the problem on that!


    I'm just waiting to get some free time so I can try calling support again.   

  • What exactly is your problem? Maybe I can provide some insight....


    I called them back and tried to not tell them about the OS upgrade, but then they logged onto my computer remotely and found it. 

  • I have the same Bluetooth 19-1 media reader (which my supplied documentation does not cover) but I do not have the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I do have the same problem and I spent an hour on the phone with Dell support this afternoon with them trying to re-install drivers etc - like you we had the 'switch the radio on' comment but of course there is nothing to switch on. I did notice that the little tiny blue light in the front panel of the media reader is no longer lit up - originally I did wonder what this light was for, now I know it was probably signifying that the Bluetooth was working. Anyway Dell support eventually told me that they believed the hardware was defective and they are sending me a new media reader - however based on what you said in your other post I'm no longer convinced this is going to help! Shortly before (maybe one or possible two days) I did install a lot of driver updates from the Dell web site (I have no other Bluetooth device on the machine) - I cannot remember now whether I rebooted after any of these, but the problem occurred after I powered off and moved the machine to another location. So maybe the problem is related to the sequence in which drivers are installed.

    XPS 420, 8GB, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit 

  • I was lucky that they didn't attempt to log into my PC remotely.  :)


    As for my xcelerator problem...after upgrading to Vista Ultimate, my Xcelerator stopped working - got "failed" messages when I ran the Xcelerator diagnostic uitlity.  Then, the PC kept blue-screening when everytime I tried to reboot it - I isolated the problem by disabling the xcelerator in safe mode.  Then, I reinstalled the driver that came with the PC. I was never able to find any "updated drivers" for the xcelerator as stated in the Dell support document.


    Dell tech support told me to update the chipset firmware.  They couldn't find the driver from the download site either.  After the chipset update, the PC stopped crashing and the Xcelerator diagnostic utility said everything was working normally.  So, I tried using the Windows Media Plugin for the Xcelerator and it seemed to convert a short recorded TV program OK - only the first time though!  It stopped working ever since.  I can't even go back into the Media center to turn "off" the plugin.  It just seems like it continually trys to convert my recorded TV programs without success - it just creates a bunch of 0 byte files.  I tried disabling the Xcelerator in device manager and reinstalling the driver but no success.


    Any ideas? 

  • Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said. Having been through all the tests that Dell support recommended and then extracted the drive to await a replacement on Monday I did a bit more research on various forum entries. I then decided that maybe it was worth trying to install the device one more time. So I powered off the machine. I then re-inserted the media device into the XPS and booted it all up - staggeringly it tried to find the drivers and then it announced that everything was working OK!!!! Indeed the little blue backlight on the device was glowing a nice bright blue anjd when I look in device manager everything seems to be just fine! Now I know I have rebooted the machine at least once after physically removing the device, but maybe I did not (was not told?) reboot it twice - once without the hardware in to clean everything out, and once with it in to start afresh. Anyway I now seem to have the 19-1 bluetooth media card reader working again ... and I am expecting a part exchange replacement from Dell on Monday! I guess I just refuse to accept the replacement because the device is now working (Dell seem to insist that the courier takes away the 'defective' part).


    So the moral of this story is perhaps that if you have problems with your 19-1 bluetooth (CAB200) device you should remove it physically from the machine, boot the machine, then reinstall the device physically and then (obviuously ) boot the machine again. You coudl also boot it twice in the middle. And with a bit of luck the driver will install correctly and your machine will work again.    

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    XPS 420, 8GB, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit 

  • Wow.  That's great.  Well I am glad you got it to work.  An even broader moral--if your BT isn't working, just keep messing around with it.  Something will eventually give.
  • Well I can only speculate at this point.  What other devices do you have in your computer?  Blue-screens seem to always indicate some sort of conflict with another card (usually a PCI card).  You might try this:


    (1)  Remove all the cards except your Xcelerator.  The device should then be detected.

    (2)  Plug in each card one at time. 

    (3)  Chances are that you will be fine after you do this.  But if not, you can trace the problem to the card in question by turning the computer on after each card is plugged back in so that you can see if your are blue screening.


    LEt me know if that helps.

  • Maybe I was a bit hasty in declaring success on March 15th - although I seemed to have got over the driver install problems I did not actually try inserting a media card into the reader. Over the weekend while I was waiting for the replacement reader I did try this and then I noticed that where there used to be 4 drive letters (F, G, H, I) in Explorer there actually were none, so I could not access the media card.


    Anyway at the crack of dawn this morning the courier arrived - got me out of bed! - and I took delivery of a new card - the courier did not want the old one back, despite what Dell told me, and when I examined the 'new' media reader it had a serial number about 2,000 before the one I was already using. All this is probably of no consequence, but I tell you for completeness.


    So I power down the machine again, insert the new card and bingo, this time I see 4 drives in Explorer and I can acess data on the media card. fantastic, maybe the original card was duff? Anyway I'm pottering away looking at the folders on the media card and I then look for a way to safely eject the card. While I'm doing this I notice the little icon in the system tray seems to be saying the machine is installing new drivers for something - I take a look at this and lo and behold it seems to be adding new drivers for the Media Reader. The list shown in the window covers the following


    4 x generic volumes

    Firmware update driver

    Dell Wireless 355C Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

    3 x USB Human Interface Devices

    one each of DELL USB HS-CF, HS-MS, HF-SC, HS-xD/SM Card USD Devices

    Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI)#2

    Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

    Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)#2

    Standard Serial over Bluetooth link (COM9)

    Bluetooth Handsfree Audio

    Bluetooth Remote Control

    Bluetooth Stereo Audio


    I have a Word document with a screen print of all this if anyone is interested.


    And then it told me to restart.


    So I did. After the restart all my drive letters had gone away again!! and I was left in the same position as before I inserted the new Media Reader device! So back to square one and I guess another long phone call to support.


    One thing that really puzzled me is why did it install a whole load of drivers for USB devices when I thought it was using Bluetooth?

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    XPS 420, 8GB, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit 

  • Bluetooth is only one part of the reader. the Main part is the card slots. The bluetooth is incorporated into that module.

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  • Are you saying that the 19 in 1 Media card reader is both a Bluetooth Communications device as well as a Media Card reader and that these are independent functions? The Dell documentation is so bad (non-existent I believe on this device) its difficult to know the truth. If so then maybe those of us who have been labouring under the illusion that we had a Bluetooth problem are wrong and what we have is a USB problem? An interesting thought.

    XPS 420, 8GB, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit