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Another wireless keyboard / mouse not working thread


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Another wireless keyboard / mouse not working thread

  • I have a dimension 9200 (XP, not Vista, that was a mess!), about 14 months old, so just out of warranty.... It has Dell wireless keyboard/mouse combo which has worked just fine until a couple days ago. The mouse pointer stopped moving, and the keyboard stopped working. So, no mouse, no keyboard. Tried to reset from the receiver thingy, and changed the batteries, no luck. And the bluetooth thing had turned red. So I've tried hooking up a wired mouse and keyboard through USB but it doesn't recognize them either. So it seems the USB ports are dead?

    THEN, after turning it off and on a couple times, it now won't go past the Dell logo with about 1/4 of the blue bar. Then it freezes.


    I hate to start a new thread over this, but I couldn't find any like problems.. thanks guys.

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  • Team Lazy,

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    First press and release the green connect button on the keyboard and then the receiver.

    Wait 20 seconds.

    First press and release the green connect buttons on the mouse and then the receiver.
  • Thanks Jesse, but that didn't do anything. Both the keyboard and mouse just keep blinking blue at the little symbol.


    FWIW, the "connect" buttons are black, not green, but I know what you are talking about. It's like the computer itself won't recognize ANY of the USB ports. That's why the wired mouse and keyboard didn't work as substitutes.


    Sooooo, I can't use the keyboard to enter setup, and can't run driver disks, because I can't even click the "OK" tab....

  • OK, itboots up fine, but no connection to the USB / bluetooth stuff. Anyone? Before I have to take it into the shop?

  • Did you ever get your issue resolved?  I have a Dimension 521 that just did the same thing.  I logged on and both keyboard and mouse quit working.  I couldn't log off or anything.  No message popped up or anything,  The PC just froze.  I had to power off but now I can't log on because the mouse and keyboard doesn't work.  I pushed the reset buttons, unplugged everything at the back of the PC including the Bluetooth thingy and pushed that button.  Nothing works.  I was just wondering if you had to take yours in to be serviced or did you find a way to get it to start working?



  • I just wanted to say that this actually worked for me when I had the same problem.  Thanks a lot!