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XPS 210: Cable kit DVI-I male to dual VGA female for ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro

  • I purchased a XPS 210 from the Dell outlet and it came without the DVI-I to dual VGA cable. I purchased it specifically for the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro's dual VGA monitor capability. To date Dell Tech support has been unable to get me the right cable. I've got a small collection of five Y adapters that don't work.


    Could anyone PLEASE help me and tell me what the part number for this cable is? I know for a fact that it is not any of the following: 5H469, 5E911, G9438 or H9361.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Dell part number A0362160

    It's a DMS-59 to dual VGA connector
  • I've got one of them in my collection as well. I should have listed it in the original post. This is definitely a DVI 29 pin (including the large flat pin) connector.



  • That's truly interesting... because then you sir cannot dual-out that card. Not without specialized connectors that is.

    There are a few versions of the ATI 2400 Pro, I had assumed you had the one that requires the splitter. That's the DMS-59 cable connection. If you have the standard DVI out only, it could very well be a gimped card. The half-height one I am aware of that hosts two monitors comes with that custom-built connector.
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