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Upgrading XPS Gen 4 processor


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Upgrading XPS Gen 4 processor

  • i currently own an dimension xps gen4 computer with an intel pentium 4 processor 640 (3.2ghz) I was wondering if I gould upgrade it to a intel pentium 4 670 (3.8ghz) Also, should I care whether it is form factor atx or BTX type 1?
  • You mention a Pent 4 640 CPU.  Was that the stock CPU for your XPS GEN 4?  I only ask because I have a GEN4 also, but with a Pent 4 560 (3.6Ghz).  For some reason, I thought the GEN4's could only use a 5XX series Pent 4 CPU, and the later ones needed a GEN5 motherboard.


    Anyway, I've updated the ram in my GEN4 to 2MB, and added a ATI X1950XTX and left the CPU stock, cause I didn't think cost was worth the little gain.  I could still play most newer games with the system as it is currently.  Although I did just get a new 420 XPS with a 880GT last month, so the GEN4 is now sidelined to network storage and watching cable video on. 


    I'm curious too what other GEN4 users are using for their CPUs.

  • the stock speed for the pentium 4 640 is 3.2 ghz on the gen4. it came with the desktop.

    I have upgraded my gen4 to a ati radeon 2600xt and the RAM to 3gb

    Also, is there any way to overclock a cpu on a GEN4?
  • hwlin,


    Sounds like you've got a solid system there.  You've now made me curious as well about upgrading the CPU in a GEN4.


    A couple of questions for you.  Are you running Vista on your system?  And how did you get 3MB of ram?  I was wondering if I can replace the stock 2 512 sticks of stock Dell ram in combo the 2 1MB aftermarket sticks of ram I got from Crucial.  Should all be the same speed. 




  • I am running vista home premium with 2X 512 sticks and 2X 1gb sticks that all run at 533mhz
  • i was wondering whether your mother board has 4 RAM slots on it like mine