In the company I work, I have a ghost-image, that is deployed to all PC's in the network, to all end-users. The PCs are a mix of Optiplex GX280/GX620/745 and 755, everything works OK when I put back the image (which contains the drivers of all four models), except for 1 thing, which is sound. Because I don't feel like going through all PCs to select the correct driver for sound (they are on the pc, it just doesnt autoselect it), and the users have no admin-privileges, I want to make a batch-script that is deployed through an ASP-page on our intranet (which is the way I deploy all other software-installs as well.)

Point is, I can run the Driver-packages (R105155 etc) through that script, but that only re-install soundmax, and doesn't select the driver in Device Manager. Can anyone tell me if there's some way of installing drivers through commandline options in a batch-file?



ps. This was also posted on the WindowsXP-subforum, but they suggested me to come here, even though this is more a windowsXP question than PC-related, I think :P