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  • Recently, my ethernet port has ceased to work. I have tested it on numerous cables and jacks, but none will read it, or I will get a message that says 'Network cable unplugged'. I took it my school's tech services, and they ran everything they usually do-they said it was my port, not a software problem.
    What can I do to fix this?!
  • First thing we need to know is your computer model number and if XP or Vista.  We may have a simple driver download to try before concluding there is a hardware problem.
  • I have a Latitude D620 notebook with XP
  • Speculating you have the standard broadcom gigabit ethernet port you can try downloading and installing the following driver file to the D620.  Presuming you can't download to the D620 download to a good computer, then copy the file over with a flash drive or CD and install the file. 


    Another thing to check is in Device Manager, expand the Network section.  Is your device listed there and is anything yellow-flagged?


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  • I downloaded and installed the driver, but no luck. It seems the physichal part of the port is not ethernet cord feels loose in it, and even though I move it around my computer still does not recognize it as plugged I need to replace it?
  • Just a thought if you say your plug is loose, are you trying to use the phone cable in the ethernet port? I've seen it many times.
  • Haha yeah I've heard of that, but I do only have an ethernet cord, no phone.
  • The only thing that would cause a plug to be loose is the jacks brass wires to be bent or broken. I think that would require a new jack to be soldered in or get an usb ethernet adapter or pc card
  • :smileysad: Bummer, that's what I was afriad of. Oh well...thanks for the help!