Long story short, Dell in home tech came today to fix a video card problem but showed up without the replacement card. He had a new motherboard which was for further troubleshooting if the new video card didn't work.  So he replaced the motherboard and kept the exisitng NVidia card and, of course, it didn't correct the video card issues.
So here is my new problem.  Now when the computer boots, I get this Intel Boot Agent that is scanning for DHCP.  Needless to say it's annoying.  I've used the search button and haven't yielded any results.  I've gone through the Bios settings and I made sure that I don't have the "IBA..." selected anywhere.  My first bootable is 1: removable, 2: hard drive, and 3: is cd rom.  I see in my options that the IBA is there but I haven't selected it.
How do I disable this Intel Boot Agent that is scanning for a DHCP?
Let me know if more info is needed.  Please dumb it down because I'm not uber computer savy
Thanks, Tom.
My setup is: 1 Week old Vostro 400
Vista 32bit Premium
BIOS ver. 1.0.10 just DL'd from Dell Previous ver. 1.0.3
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33Ghz
2gig Ram
Integrated 10/100 NIC just DL'd drivers from Dell