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GX270 Not powering Up - Amber light on power switch and on Motherboard.


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GX270 Not powering Up - Amber light on power switch and on Motherboard.

  • Hi All

    I have a Dell Optiplex GX270.

    It will not power up.  The power button on the front is a dull amber colour.

    If I look at the motherboard, whilst the power is on there is a little amber light that just ticks and sqeeks quitely (like dolphin squeeks - wierd I know).

    I have checked that everything is seated correctly.

    Has anybody any more thoughts, as I wondered if it could be the CPU?






    1. Model number of your computer. Example – Dim 2400,  E520,  XPS 410,  Inspiron 530

    2. What Operating System. Example - Windows ME,  XP,  Vista,

    3. How much main memory installed.

    4. What Video card ?

    5. What Monitor model number you have, if it’s a question about your monitor

  • I have had this happen on a number of our GX270's and GX280's
    Turned out to be a bad power supply
    Good Luck
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I did swap out the power supply with two other PC's, and I still had the same problem.
    That is why I wondered if there could be a problem with the chip.
  • Examine motherboard capacitors.  They are the tube-shaped standup things.  They should have flat tops and smooth sides, but if they are bulged at all it causes what you are seeing.  Replace motherboard.
    This was common with 270s and Dell conditionally extended the warranty, but the extension may have expired, doesn't hurt to ask.
  • I did see some articles on the capacitor problem and have just checked all of them on the board (only visually) and I can't see any bulging.
    Any more ideas?
  • Also I forgot to mention that on the back on the machine there are 4 diagnostic lights.  Normally they should all be green, but not one lights up, suggesting that it is a pre-Bios failure of some description.
    So should I give up and blame the board yet?
  • Eliminate other possibilities:  Unplug power from drives and remove plugin cards.  If problem is unchanged, replace motherboard, that is all that's left.
    Capacitors can fail without any outward signs, the bulging just confirms they are bad.
  • Thanks for your help.
    I will replace the motherboard and see how I get on.
  • Warranty period is still good today so you might want to call. Parts are backordered though