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Inspiron 530 network card

  • I just got through chatting with Dell and it seems the ethernet plug on my motherboard is no good. I asked them if they could just send me a PCI ethernet card, but she said they can only send what came with the original system. I don't want to install a whole new motherboard so I would like to install a PCI ethernet card. I don;t want to buy something incompatible. Is this compatible?

    If not would someone be so kind as to tell me what is?
  • That looks fine. It should be very simple to get it working. You might want to disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS to prevent confusion.

  • When you say "it should be very simple to get it working" do you mean the PCI card or the onboard network adapter?

    I hope the former because I have given up on the latter...
  • I mean it should be very simple to get a PCI Ethernet card to work. Follow the installation instructions (either install drivers first or install card first) and you should be fine. (Not that I ever follow the instructions ;) )

    I would disable the onboard NIC.

  • I am having a problem with my ethernet port as well. Dell technical support said I need a new mother board. When I brought my computer to the store I purchased it at, they just gave me another computer, but the ethernet port doesn't work properly on it either. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with these computers?
  • If all that is wrong is the Ethernet port, you don't need a new motherboard.  You can add a Ethernet card.


    Maybe your problem is not the port on the motherboard, but somewhere else in the network.



  • Any ideas as to what I should try?

  • FeelingFrustrated wrote:
    Any ideas as to what I should try?

    It would be helpful if you stated what exactly the symptoms are, what you have tried and any other information you have collected. 


    Have you checked the cable?  Have you checked the link lights on both end?  Have you checked the device that you are trying to communicate with?


    If I had to go on just that the Ethernet port doesn't work, I would suggest getting any under $10 PCI Ethernet card from any local or mail order vendor.  Of course, this assumes that the rest of the computer is working.



  • The ethernet port does work so of. The problem is when I turn the computer on. While it is booting up the green light goes out and the internet connection is lost. If I unplug the ethernet cable, wait a few seconds & then plug it back in, then the connection is re-established and everthing works fine.
  • Possibly a bad cable.  Given that you had the same problem more than once, I would check the other parts of teh system (e.g. the cable).  I've had bad cables that work sometimes but then quit.



  • I did try a new cable, but I'm having the same problem still.