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XPS 420: Installing driver for 'BT Mini-receiver'


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XPS 420: Installing driver for 'BT Mini-receiver'

  • Several people have complained that they have re-installed their OS and were not able to find the driver for 'BT mini-receiver'. Trying to install all the Dell Media Card Reader with Bluetooth driver packages doesn't work, it will still be orphaned.

    To install the driver for what is actually the "Dell Wireless 355C Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR module", you need to install the *application* package for "Dell Media Card Reader with Integrated Bluetooth Module (CAB-200)". Contrary to intuition, the driver is not in the driver package itself!

    Do not try and manually install the driver for the "Dell Truemobile 355 + EDR", it is close but probably won't work (I didn't try it).

    (2) Dell XPS 420
    Dell XPS 420 with SideShow (A02)

    Intel Core2 Quad CPU (Q6600, 2.40Ghz,1066FSB)

    3GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz

    Vista Ultimate (x86, TechNet) on Server 2003 R2 x64 domain

    nVidia Geforce 8800 GT (512MB) on Dell E248WFP WUXGA LCD monitor

    320GB NCQ Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM) w/ 16MB DataBurst Cache
  • I had the same issue its actually quite interesting. The driver alone installs only a new device unter your USBs called CAB-200.  I dont know what its good for.  But bluetooth still didnt work.  After installing the application package, the Bluetooth was ok.
    So I am wondering if I needed to install the CAB-200 driver previously after all .
  • Yes, the CAB driver loads the media card drivers.
  • It might sound very stupid what I am going to say now. 
    I always thought a card reader is for convenience at front of the computer; for ease of access to camera's pictures.   Where exactly can I find this card reader? I dont see it. :(
    Update: I have an XPS 720.  I dont think you would be able to help me with that. :D

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  • I don't have a 720, but if you have the 19-1 module what you'll see is:

    Above the mid section that has the front USB ports you should see small, thin media card slots where the floppy drive would otherwise be. See this section of the user manual for help.

  • LOL.  I was fiddeling around with that and could not open it.  So it really was there. Awesome. Now i can see them :D
  • My pleasure. While I have personally owned at least ten Dells in the poast five years and worked with scores more, I know the feeling of confusion with new machines, particularly the new BTX style.. Glad you're enjoying the full 'hidden features' of your monster!
  • haha thanks. This is my second Dell. First one was Laptop and this is my first desktop. :)
    but indeed this one here literrally was a "hidden feature". :D
  • You are a godsend if this works.  It seems to be my problem, but I wont be able to test until I get home from work.  I upgraded my OS to Vista Ultimate.  The card reader works fine.  Cab-200 is installed.  But BT is not recognized.  Although interestingly enough, the BT mouse/Keyboard that came with the computer work just fine.


  • Don't the included BT keyboard and mouse come with a seperate Bluetooth USB receiver?
  • No it does not.  The Bluetooth is built into the Card Reader.  The Mouse and keyboard both connect to the built in bluetooth.  When you first sync them, you press the button on the card reader---so I am pretty sure there is not another bluetooth dongle somewhere in the computer that I dont know about.  Additionally, When I unplug the card reader from the flexbay, the mouse/keyboard cease to work.
  • Heh guys I hope you can also help me since I thought I did it the way you folks suggested but it did not work. I have a XPS 420 and just did a clean install of the Anytime upgrade for Vista Ultimate. The BT mini reciever is not working. I have installed I thought the Reader software and it does not work. Someone had told me that they found and update at versiontracker.com- but I am not sufficisticated enough to know which one would be the appropriate update. Can you guys give me a hand so I can solve this problem. Greatly appreciated.

  • Hello Sleeplessinportland.... I was wondering if you solved the BT-Mini Receiver.... I have the Dell XPS 420 with SideShow (A02) and saw the Device Manager alert after I did a reinstall of my computer.

  • This computer computer didn't work right from the day I bought it and Dell support was no help. I gave up after fours years of fighting and bought an Apple.