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Precision T3400 and DDR3 Memory


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Precision T3400 and DDR3 Memory

  • Hello
    Does anyone know the Precision T3400 will support DDR3 memory or not?
    Thank you.
  • No it does not support DDR3. It supports 667-MHz ECC and NON-ECC and 800MHz ECC DDR2
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  • Thanks for your replys.
    Is it being locked in the BIOS, since the Intel X38 chipset does support DDR3 memory?
  • DDR3 dimms are physically different from DDR2 dimms. The motherboard would have to have DDR3 slots to be able to put such dimms in the system.

    I think ASUS has a (desktop) motherboard that can support 2 DDR3 dimms or 4 DDR2 dimms, but this kind of setup is expensive and therefor rare. It seems Dell opted to just select DDR2 for this system, and I wouldn't expect them to upgrade this system to add DDR3 support (it'll probably be reserved for a succesor of the T3400).

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