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How to use Xcelerator?


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How to use Xcelerator?

  • I can't find how to use the video inputs on the front of the Xcelerator option module. The documenation refers to Sonic creator and Dell Xcelerator™ for Portable Devices but I can't find either software on the computer.
    The Lumanate Lazer Device Diagnostics have passed the three tests so I don't believe that there is any problem with the board. I have run the Dell utilities CD in case something was missing.
    I am assuming that I can plug in my video source but I need help on how to capture that analogue video stream.
    Looking forward to some pointers.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
  • I have the same problem. As far as i can see there is no program installed on my XPS 420 thats usable for a videocamera / Xcelerator. On different stories i read about the 420 theres mentioned that Adobe elements should be installed on a new 420. Dont know if thats true but its not on mine. I sent a mail to Dellsupport and wait for the answer
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I have tried for ages to get a reply on this!
    There are no manuals or instructions!
    Does the Sonic V10 they refer to mean Roxio DVD creator 10?
    The machine came with DVD Creator 9, I tried video capture with a camera connected to the Xcelerator card, but it didn't see it. Do I need to upgrade to V10?
    I have spoken to Dell Tech support by on-line chat, then by phone (but the line was so quiet I couldn't hear them!!!!) I also sent an email which is supposed to be replied to in 1 working day, but there has been no reply.
    So I am still waiting.
  • Software Supported
    * Roxio Creator 9.1 Premier DVD burn and authoring software that makes it easy to get movies onto disc. It allows you to import standard and high-def movies, photos, audio and video content from camcorders, digital cameras, and other sources. Create and edit home movies and slide shows into polished productions, and then record onto DVD or Blu-ray Disc., or convert for use on the web, portable devices, mobile phones, etc.
    * Dell Xcelerator. MCE Plug-in 1.0 (with Xcelerator feature) replaces MyDVD for media conversion (transcode, transrate, transcale)
    * Drivers use standard Microsoft DirectShow property sets. The drivers can be found on the Dell Resource CD.

    Driver Software
    * The Dell Xcelerator hardware ships with the following driver software:
    Driver setup utility (DrvSetup.exe)
    WDM driver (LazerUsb.sys, LazerUsb.inf,
    Filter (
    Diagnostic utility (LazrDiag.exe,

    Supported Video Formats
    Video Input Formats Supported: MPEG-2 (MP/ML), MPEG-2 (MP/HL)
    Supported Input Resolutions [SD]: NTSC: 720x480; PAL: 720x576
    Supported Input Resolutions [HD]: HDTV: 1080-30i, 720-30p, 720-60p
    Video Output Formats Supported MPEG-2 (MP/ML); MPEG-4 (SP, ASP)
    Supported Output Resolutions [SD]: NTSC: 720x480, 320x240, 368x208, PAL: 720x576, 320x288; 320x240, 368x208

    Xcelerator Diagnostics
    * Start- Windows Explorer and open the C: drive
    * Open Program Files- Lumanate- LazrUsb and select LazrDiag.exe
    * Click the Run button to start the diagnostic tests
  • Thanks.
    I tried to find the driver (DrvSetup.exe) but couldn't locate this on the machine or Resource CD (maybe I looked in the wrong directory?)
    Also, when I run the diagnostics program, I get a failure on the two stream tests (error 9, could not load graph).
    Is the hardware faulty?
  • Russetsprint,

    Check the hardware
    * Power off the PC
    * Remove the PC cover
    * Locate the Xcelerator hardware and verify that there is a cable that connects the Xcelerator board to the motherboard
    * Verify that this cable is firmly installed into each connector
    * Reinstall the cover back onto the chassis
    * Power the PC on

    Driver Installation
    * Insert the Dell Resource CD into your CD/DVD drive
    * If the Dell Resource CD window does not open automatically, double click on My Computer on your desktop and then double click on the CD/DVD drive containing the Dell Resource CD
    * Follow the instructions provided by the Dell Resource CD to locate the video driver package for your Xcelerator card
    * select the Lumanate setup.exe to unzip the drivers on to the hard drive and install the drivers
    * At the Setup Complete screen, select Yes and click Finish to restart your system.
  • OK, so the drivers are loaded.
    The diagnostics show a set of three passes.
    But when I connect a video source to the composite input on the excelerator and run MyDVD, I cannot see the source to capture from it.
    Anyone help me on this one?
  • Russetsprint,

    * MYDVD is not going to work. The Dell Xcelerator is supported by the following software:
    Sonic Creator v.10
    Dell Xcelerator MCE Plug-in v1.0

    * What is the Dell Media Xcelerator?
  • Ah Yes, but are these loaded on my machine, as I cant find them!
  • Or maybe I can download them from somewhere???????????????
  • This thread has now returned to my original question, that is, how do you use the plugs on the front of the Xcelerator board.
    What I want to do is to record the video off another machine (video recorder or camera) using the composite video plugs. I don't particularly mind if these are the plugs on the Xcelerator board or the TV tuner but since I paid extra for the Xcelerator card I do expect to be able to use them. (I had the same problem with the diagnostics but that all passes ok now).
    I am also happy with using MCE but I cannot find in MCE where the option is to record from a video stream rather than the TV tuner. I expected that the plugin would have shown up somewhere to choose from.
    Sonic (i.e. Roxio) Creator is not available from the Dell Aust website where I bought the computer from but I did find it on the USA site at
    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>
    It appears to be very similar to the Adobe Elements that I paid extra from with the system - so I don't want to spend money on a similar Aoxio product. Additionally, I only bought the Adobe product because I thought that it supported the Dell hardware that I was buying at the same time - through the MCE plug-in or similar.
    Chris, or anyone else, can you please point me in the direction to be able to input the video through the front of the Xcelerator card?
    Thanks all,
  • Ok if Xcelerator only is supported by Creator 10 ,, why do I have Creator 9 installed on my new ( 1 week) XPS 420?
    As far as I can see now in Creator 9 only the TV card is found by the captureoption and not the Xcelerator.
    Is it that Dell bought a cheap nonworking Creator 9 version for a new 420 and that we must upgrade to version 10 for $99 to get things working?
  • I installed a trial of Creator 10 and yesyes , thats the one working with the Xcelerator
    So Dell ,, whats next?
  • I must say, I have the same questions. I received my 420 just last Saturday (12/15), and I too received Roxio 9 (which, as far as I can see, offers no support for the Xcelerator). And, I can find no way in MCE to utilize the Xcelerator.
    Very strange, and a response from Dell would definitely be appreciated.
  • All,

    Private message me your service tag numbers with a brief summary.