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How to replace Dimension 8300 case fan


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How to replace Dimension 8300 case fan

  • The case fan on my Dimension 8300 has now become so noisy and vibrating that it sounds like it's about to die. I just ordered a replacement case fan w/shroud, that's supposed to be the correct Dell 8300 model fan.

    Now just how do I remove the old case fan so I can install the replacement? I looked inside the case but I don't see how to remove the old case fan just by inspection.

    Also, can I slide the old case fan out of there completely without having to take the heat sink out first, or will the heat sink get in the way?
  • sdlitvin

    Replacing the fan is not specifically mentioned, in Dell's manual.

    Try using the procedures in this post.

    Hint: There's no need to remove the heatsink, to replace the fan/shroud unit.


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