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Dell XPS 720 Motherboard?????????


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Dell XPS 720 Motherboard?????????

  • hello everyone, sorry if this has already been brought up but does Dell still sell the XPS 720 Motherboard?? i have recently purchased a XPS 700 case without realizing that it needs a BTX motherboard, however i was planning on getting the ATX 680i chipset which happens to be on the XPS 720 motherboard as well. so is there anyway that i can get the 720 mobo? thank you
  • Their official XPS 700/710/720 upgrade program ended about a month ago. That said, they DO sell 680i chipset motherboards like this<ADMIN NOTE:Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>and this.<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

    Not exactly what you're looking for, but my understanding is that as long as you buy parts from Dell and hook them into a Dell system, the parts take on the warranty of the computer rather than voiding anything. I don't know if that's a consideration for you or not, but it's worth taking into account when you're shopping for an upgrade, anyways.

  • Look on EBay - there are XPS 720 motherboard kits that people are selling.
  • there going for around $400.00 now that it ended im sure.
  • I actually purchased one today from dell.
  • did you purchase it online or over the phone, as im in the UK ordering online would be way easier, ebay only has the nForce 590 chipset and not 680i. if anyone can post a link of seller online i'll appreciate it very much, thank you all for you replies, cheers
  • I actually had to call them up and they sold it to me. Cheaper then ebay too.