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Humming and vibration computer case


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Humming and vibration computer case

  • I have a deal dimenson e510 with a 300watt powersupply had it for a year now upgraded my video card resently and bought a new powersupply a 450 watt. but it would  not fit in the case lucky for me the card didnt need didnt need it ran fun on my 300watt   but have notice's that it is making a humming noise and the case is vibrating.I humming is driving me crazy but also the vibrating so bad i can feel it in the through the mouse that's on the desk.The only change i made to the comp is the video card it does not have a fan so it could not be causing it i dont know what to do maybe i put the powersupply back into the computer the wrong way or something any suggestions.

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  • First what power supply did you buy that wouldn't fit?  The E510 uses standard ATX power supplies.  I recently upgraded mine to a 550 watt Antec Tru Power supply.  It was the same size and fit exactly without problems.  Just the four screws on the rear panel hold it in. 
    My E510 had a lot of vibration/noise problems when I first got it.  If the side access panel is not replaced correctly that can cause noise.  I also put some felt "feet" on the bottom of the case and that eliminated some noise.  However with the vibration you are getting it sounds like a bad fan, either the power supply or the CPU fan, assuming you reinstalled the original power supply correctly.

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  • purejelly
    I agree with fireberd.
    The most common cause for vibration noise is from the side cover. A hum noise may or may not be directly linked to a fan. Sometimes the hard drive or CD/DVD are the culprit.
    I also agree with his statement concerning the power supply. I am not aware of any standard ATX power supply that will not fit the Dimension E510 case power supply cavity.
    Some power supply with modular rail connections may be a tight fit, yet still fit inside the case.
    I could not get it to sit down properly and line up the screws so i put back in the old one my card didnt need the pci-e connector and the current power supply could handle it.Wished i new that before i took it out.Never had a problem with the humming or vibrations' before only started after removing the powersupply so im guessing I didnt put it back in right or i dont have the side panel on correctly.The comp was pretty much near silent when it got it only hear the fan when i was playing a game and it speed up and that only lasted a little while and then it slowed down again.I bought some rubber feet for it stopped the vibrations in the desk and lowered the noise somewhat but still noticable and if i take them off i hear the noise again never need them before so i know something is wrong.