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Sound Card for Optiplex 755

  • I am planning on ordering an Optiplex 755.  Ordering online gives no choice for sound card.  I am assuming that this has intergrated sound.  If I have an empty PCI slot can a sound card be installed without too much hassle?  Thanks for any advice.  (Optiplex 755 mini tower)
  • The online manual has the specs for this unit here.

    It's not fancy, but it's a desktop intended for corporate users, so sound usually doesn't need to have super high standards/requirements. For this Dell offers the Inspiron desktops, XPS desktops and Precision Workstations.

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  • I can confirm that any PCI sound card will work fine. 
  • I would advise extreme caution in relation to the Optiplex 755 and any PCI soundcards.
    Having just received a new 755 we tried to install a standard PCI soundcard, everything installed normally. Run up Media Player or other sound applications and the computer BSOD.
    Comes up with NMI Parity Error. Changed soundcard and have now been through three different makes in cluding soundblaster.
    Engineer came out yesterday and swapped motherboard, didn't fix the problem. After spending nearly two hours on the phone to Tech they said they do not say what cards will work with a system. So Dell are saying buying a PC but you might not be able to use it....... !
    Up until a few weeks ago we had been buying Optiplex 745 machines, same soundcards, same software and NO problems at all. We wanted some more 745s but were told none were now being made. The 755 uses the Q35 chipset and clearly Dell has a board / firmware problem. The 745 used Q965 chipset.
    Tech support were not helpful on the phone and have not offered to now do anything. The system will have to go back as " not fit for purpose ". We need that type of system so Dell are going to lose all our future business.
    Note, I did ask Dell to send me out some new RAM but they refused to try that.
    Avoid the 755 if you want to put any soundcard inside.
  • put a rocketfish 5.1 pci in my 755mt, works great, make sure bios is setup for this,

  • Not all cards are created equal.

    You Must use a PCI 2.2 or PCI 2.3 universal Card with 2 Keyways in the PCI slot.

    Otherwise you have an issue with 5V PCI not working in 3.3v PCI slots.

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  • thanks i wasnt aware of that, though ive been blind lucky so far, sticking cards in...can you provide a link to more info on this for new folks, step?

  • The most trouble free sound cards are the Turtle Beach Amigo.

    They are USB and not Cards that plug into the slots and cause Power or IRQ or other issues.

     USB Sound Card | Audio Advantage Amigo II | Turtle Beach


    PCI 2.2 or PCI 2.3 (UNIVERSAL PCI) cards have  2 Keyways in the slot.

    PCI-SIG - Conventional PCI 2.3

    3.3v and 5v keying. While most 64-bit PCI-X slots are 5v and are backward compatible with common 32-bit 5v PCI cards, a number of 64-bit PCI-X slots are 3.3v and will not accept 5v cards, by far the most common voltage for 32-bit PCI cards

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.