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Install XP on a Optiplex 755


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Install XP on a Optiplex 755

  • Im trying to install XP on a Optiplex 755. The machine is shipped without any ide controller and without ant ps2 support.
    When I try to install XP from i either get a blue screen with the error code 0x0000007B that is a sata error, but my keyboard works. If i load the sata driver, the intall works fine, untill i have to press enter to instal, then my keyboard stops working, giving me a hard time pressing enter...
    I have bought 12 machines of this type and need to install our own XP on all of them. Any solutions?
  • Check if there's an option in the bios to set SATA for compatibility mode or legacy mode. If so, set that and try again to see if XP will install.

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  • Let me know if you find an answer. I have the same problem.
  • You need to enter bios and choose:
    drives -> SATA Operations and change the settings from 'Raid autodetect/AHCI' to 'Raid autodetect/ATA'
    It worked for me, and I really don't know why the standard configuration comes with something that doesn't work.
  • That works but I would like to use AHCI. I was able to use it on the 745 but not the 755.
  • Had the same suggested changing to ATA in SATA Operations allows an install to continue. 
    Interestingly, I received this error while installing a Japanese version of Windows XP SP2 VLK (BSOD while loading drivers section of install), but did not receive it with the bundled Dell Windows XP SP2 disc.
    *This was with BIOS A04

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  • you need to load SATA drivers during setup. F6 in text-mode setup (blue screen in DOS) - you need the drivers loaded onto floppy media
  • Ahhh yes, F6!  I always associate that with SCSI drivers and completely forgot it could be the SATA drivers.  Thanks for the tip!
  • Had an issue loading the F6 drivers.  Because there is no floppy drive in the system, we are using a Latitude D-series floppy drive to load the drivers.  It initially reads the drivers, however after windows loads the necessary files, and you format the disk, the system loses connection to the USB floppy drive and you cannot continue with setup.  Had this same issue on a Precision 690.  Found this workaround for users that want to use the SATA AHCI operation.
    Download the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers from the Dell Support Site.  Uncompress them and follow the instructions listed in the article.