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Solid amber power light


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Solid amber power light

  • I have an Optiplex 280 that was in a house struck by lightening. The phone wires needed to be replaced, as did their DSL router.
    This Optiplex was connecte dto the router that got fried. It doesn't boot up, just a solid amber power light when you plug it in. They had me order a new Dell to replace it and gave me this one to do with as I please.
    I've tried all the suggestions in the manuals and whatever I could find here. The machine still has about 250 days of warranty on it (gold support too) but since it is lightening damage I doubt it would be covered?
    Anyway, if I can bring this machine back to life for little cost I'd like to, but don't want to keep replacing parts until I figure out what it is.
    Most likely to me are the motherboard then the power supply. I'm thinking the onboard NIC got zapped being connected to the DSL router that got zapped. Any suggestions?
  • I'd indeed think the motherboard and power supply to start with. However, the risk involved with swapping these parts is significant, as a harddrive that got hit by this powersurge (and shorted) could fry any new motherboard or powersupply you connect it to.

    If you want to try and get data off of the harddrive, the safest (still with a risk though) option would be to buy a USB enclosure and put the drive in there and then connect it to your 'new' computer to see if the drive is readable. If so, you have your data, and and external harddrive (for backups or so (to help reduce the risk of losing data)).

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  • There were 2 Optiplex GX280's at the site, one that was not affected. I pulled the drive out, slipped it into the other machine and it worked just fine.
    Just trying to decide whether it is worth it to save this other one.
  • Solid Amber light is usually motherboard. Flashing amber light is usually power supply. You don't have to mention that is was a lighting strike. Just call dell gold tech support and tell them you have a solid amber light and no boot or post. You have warranty left...go ahead and take advantage of it. I would have them send you a motherboard and a power supply.
  • amen. probably the mobo fried by power surge thru dsl equipment. yeah, call dell support & tell them the symptoms & that you have no idea how it might have come to be in this state.