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Whats the real difference between XPS desktops and Inspiron desktops?


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Whats the real difference between XPS desktops and Inspiron desktops?

  • I'm mainly referring to the XPS 410 which is similarly priced to the Inspiron 530/530s.
    Now I am not a PC gamer. I leave gaming to the xboxes/playstations for graphics. But I basically do everything else. Video card won't be upgraded in any forseeable future.
    It seems like I can build a computer with the same specs in both INspiron and XPS but the Inspiron is cheaper, not counting coupons which would make it even more cheaper..
    so why would someone like me buy an XPS over inspiron?
  • Look here .

  • dude, IM the one that made that topic
    either way no one has given an answer yet
  • One of the main things you get with the XPS line over any of the others is the specialized support. You get a different phone number to call for help and the tech folks are more savvy at the first level than normal support. Beyond that, I would say not much for the XPS410 series. I have a 700 and there really isn't a comparable.
    Regards - MichaelO

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  • Inspiron Desktops are graphic card limited, so you cannot have the better video cards to play games at some of the highest setting, not to mention being able to load the system up with more hardware over the mid level system. Many find this out too late, and others are happy with a mid level system.  XPS over the mid level systems are more upgradeable, future proof as well, and all this is easy to understand.
    Dell, nor any of the other computer manufactures, will not give you the same capabilities for the lower cost system as the higher cost systems.  This would not make any sense, since customers would not purchase the higher cost computers if the lower cost ones will provide the same gaming, and upgrade experience.  Simple.

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  • Basically the XPS line is the same as the rest of Dell's computers but they come with all the bells and whistles already installed.  XPS doesn't mean its Dell's top of the line necessarily.  Right now I'm using a Dell Precision 690 at work that blows my brand new XPS 710 out of the water.  Granted, the Precision 690 I'm on is a $5000 dollar computer but for the money you spend just to get the XPS label you can probably build a better non-gaming computer.  It just won't come in the pretty aluminum casing or light up with bright LED lights.
  • Why would I buy an XPS model over an inspiron model?

  • XPS models are better and faster and more expandable. You would have to site SPECIFIC models for any further information.

    There is no one size fits all answer for the entire line of Inspiron vs XPS models.   

    XPS9000  460w supports 150W video card INSPIRON 3847 must have 305W power supply updated.

    XPS9000 has 6 ram slots   Inspiron 3847 has 2 ram slots.

    as an example.

    The current XPS model is the 8900.

    Max Ram in Inspiron 3847 is 16 gigs.

    Max Ram in XPS models is 24 gigs or more.



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