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keyboard typing wrong letters

  • ok i have an dimension desktop with the original keyboard attached to it, i must have hit a weird combination of keys because it is now doing some really weird things. the language is set to english and w/e other quick fixes you would try. It originally was doing this like ' for the backspace, and other wrong letter combinations etc but through the course of messing with it, now none of the keys type except for a few that do some sort of hot key thing like search or open another window etc. i am extremely frustrated and its 1 am and i fear that if i restart that computer or it goes on screensaver then this setting will still be in place and i wont be able to enter my password. Please help ASAP!
  • Is this a USB keyboard? If so you can get another USB keyboard and just try it while the computer is still running. To me that is the best option at this point.
  • Go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options, on the Language Tab and Settings, there should only be one keyboard language which is US and English. If this won't work, try system restore. Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore. Choose restore my system to an earlier time, choose the date written in BOLD on which your keyboard was working fine. Note: Even if it says no files will be lost during this Restoration, some may be deleted so be careful. It's tried and tested.