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Dell Dimension XPS T450 - help

  • Hi
    im 16 and i got use my laptop for everything, its hard cuz it doesnt have many features and components i need for what i do. I make lots of ski movies, and i listen to music a lot.
    I have a Dell Dimension XPS T450 desktop just sitting in my house from about 6 years ago, it hasnt been used for the past 2 years or runs on windows 98 i think. I want to rebuild it with a bigger harddrive (currently 6 gb), a mad sound card, media card, graphics card etc. Would i be able do do all this, i also want to install XP or Vista on it. would this all work out okay? and does anyone know how to open the tower, i cant figure it out... thanks

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  • there is a thumb screw at the back of PC...put the PC on its side screw side up... loosen the screw it does not completely come off... when thumb screw is as loose as it can be slide the side cover towards the thumb screw the side panel will slide out then lift the side panel out and off.... U can install XP , on this pc.. if u have more memory and a bigger hard drive.. read the manual i posted  above make notes of harddreive size memory and the type of graphics card . then search google for the parts and add them up.. my XPSR 450 is still going strong its the same age as the T450 .. i use it for music files and some video , mostly its my mp3 music storage  with a wirless connection i guess u could call my xpsR450 my stereo as i have surround speakers .. any sound blaster audio card should work in the XPS T450.. AGP graphics cards is what the xpst 450 uses .. for roughly 200 bucks u could have a nice older pc
  • I would not install Vista on that old of a system.  Honestly, do not do this.
    The money you spend on the graphic, memory, OS, sound card, hard drive, and you can almost purchase a new refurbished system from the Dell Outlet store, and have a new system that was either never sent, dent and scratch, sent but returned to Dell within the 21 day policy.  
    Big mistake, on a 6 year old system, very big.   Waste of good money.   You can add up all the cost of upgrade hardware than go to the outlet store to see what you can come close to buying new, with the new hardware for gaming.

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  • this ste may be usefull ..