Just got my new Dimension E520 with Vista Home Premium installed. I wanted XP Pro installed at purchase but was told that it was no longer available and I would have to get the new machine with Vista installed. That was fine with me because I felt that I could install XP once I had the system in my house.
Yesterday, when I unpacked the computer and attempted to install XP. I was quickly greeted with the old BSOD. When I called technical support I was told that since I was downgrading the system I would be charged a fee for technical support. Since this was the first time I had ever turned the system on, I saw that not to be an option.
I believe that the reason for the Blue Screen Of Death is because I am lacking the driver for my SATA hard drive or the RAID controller or both. I get the Blue screen right after the install program loads all the drivers and then attemts to start the GUI to run the remainder of the installation. How can I get the correct drivers that I need to complete the XP installation? Technical support has been no help and there is no mention of these drivers anywhere in the documentation.