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Optiplex 745 - Missing PCI Driver


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Optiplex 745 - Missing PCI Driver

  • Hope someone can help me...
    We are trying to build a compatible Windows XP Professional RIS image for our Optiplex 745 machines. The machines were preinstalled with Vista so we formatted and installed XP Pro... All going well.
    We started installing the drivers from support.euro.dell.com and this is when we ran into a problem... A missing PCI Device Driver.
    I have tried every driver that is mentioned for Windows XP on the support site which could even remotely be for a PCI Device. I even opened up the machine and the PCI slots are empty...
    Everything else is installed fine, e.g. the chipset, video, network etc but just this one device driver is eluding me.
    Anyone else have/had this problem and able to help me locate it?
    Obviously, i need this driver before i can start rolling out these 745's to our users so any help would be appreciated.
  • This missing pci driver can usually be fixed by downloading and installing the chipset drivers from Dell.
  • As i said above, i have already installed the latest Chipset drivers provided by dell and this hasnt resolved it.
  • Hello, I am having the same problem with the missing PCI driver. I also tried the chipset installer found on the support page for the 745. I am having trouble using USB mice on the 745 so I think, at least in my case, the missing driver has something to do with USB (or USB mice....since the USB keyboard works). Steve
  • Just a quick reply to my reply...... After looking again, in Device Manager there was an generic/unknown device under Mice and other pointing devices . I pointed the unknown device at c:\windows\system32 and now my USB mouse works. Whew! I still have that weird PCI driver issue though. Steve
  • That's odd.
    Picked up my USB devices instantly.
    Still having no luck with the missing PCI device though...
  • I am curious...In device manager under what grouping does the PCI device show up under?
  • Unfortunately, it just comes up under the grouping "Other Devices".
  • I also was experiencing the same issue. HOWEVER, I got past it. We have been banging our heads against the Flat Panel....
    Here's how:
    1. Install Desktop System Software (DSS) for Optiplex 745. Restart PC. (power down, power on)
    2. RE-install Intel Chipset for Optiplex 745 or 745c. Restart PC. (power down, power on)
    3. NOW install SoundMax HD Audio driver R132379 (For WinXPSP2 Pro PC's ONLY).
    4. Install takes quite a while... wait... it will finish, and prompt for Reboot.
    Don't ask me why... Ask Dell why this works!!
  • Thanks mike, that worked great.
    Rather odd that it requires DSS to be installed for it to pick up the PCI device though...
  • I to had this problem. Found that installing the Audio driver and rebooting solved it for me.
  • The sound drive was causing the issue for me as well. Choosing the reinstall option didn't help though. I had to uninstall what was there (since this is a multi model image) and install R132379 fresh. Steve
  • I had a problem with Windows XP Pro (after running well for 2 years).  I formatted the hard drive and re-installed from a Dell re-installation CD.

    The PC came up fine, but when I checked Device Manager, I found 4 devices with problems:

    Video Controller

    Video controller (VGA compatible)

    Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller



    I went to Dell's website, keyed in my Service Tag, and downloaded the drivers for all devices.  Some installed correctly, others failed with various symptoms (the Broadcom driver said, after running for a while, "file not found").  I thought maybe the driver was bad, so re-downloaded it, same message.  Research of various blogs suggested I download a generic, one-size-fits-all driver from Broadcom; same message, "file not found".  Someone suggested the Desktop Software Support driver, DSS.  I downloaded that, and installation said "wrong language, get one for your Operating System's language".  Since everything is U.S. English, I'm puzzled.  I have tried various chipset updates without success.  Intel's site wants to install a utility that will run and tell me what I need, chipset-wise, but since I have no NIC card operational, and therefore no Internet connection, it can't report home to mother for the correct driver.


    Realizing that installing the drivers could be sequence-dependent, and that installing various versions could have me totally hosed, I'm asking for help.  How do I get rid of un-needed drivers, how do I know which ones I DO need, and how do I find the proper sequence for installing same?

    Thanks in advance



  • when you reload windows especially in XP there is a particular order in which you reload your drivers.

    That order is shown HERE

    The two most imports are the Desktop system software( if there is one listed. Not all systems have this) followed by the chipset driver. These two will set up the necessary communication between the OS and your system hardware.

    Now since you have already installed some drivers then you have an option that may or may not work. Since there is Desktop system software listed for your system you will need to boot into safe mode. (tap the F8 key at the Dell splash screen) and install both the DDS and the chipset drivers. 

    IF this fails then you will need to reformat and reinstall all over again and then follow the correct order..

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