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PC sounds like Jet engine ready for lift off??? HELP


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PC sounds like Jet engine ready for lift off??? HELP

  • Would anyone know why my PC sounds as though it is a jet engine ready for lift off.  NO JOKE!
    Could it be a fan?  There are 2, how can i tell which one.  Is it the fan that has to be replaced or some chip under it, or other. 
    Last time this happened, We opened her up, cleaned out all the dust, and she ran so quiet.  you could here the fan, but Prior to cleaning it, it ran louder during say "video games" more than regular PC activity.  However, it started doing it in up and down spurts regardless of programs used. 
    Shortly after, hard drive issues occured, To keep this short, replaced the HD and the Mother board.
    PC works again, yet loud engine sound still here.  It can be heard in another level of the house. 
    Please help, I can't afford to get another new HD and MoBo.   Thank so much for any advice.
  • You need to determine which fan is causing the noise. You don't say what machine you have, but there can be four fans:

    1. CPU fan (a common culprit)
    2. GPU fan (another common culprit)
    3. HD fan (in some BTX cases, rarely the problem)
    4. PSU fan

    You can open the case and see which is making the noise.

    The CPU fan can be tested in the diagnostics.

    You need to distinguish between bad bearing noises and high fan speed noise.

  • Peter,
    Thank you for your quick response.  I have a Dell Dimension 9100.  The noise really sounds like it is coming from the Big fan.  I don't even know what that specific one would be called to order it.  So if I order a new fan, that should solve the problem?  I hope.  The small fan sounds like a normal fan humming lowly.  someone said to listen to the HD?  well we did, and there was no noise.  other than the Big fan, that's all we know about.   So if you know what the name of that fan is, that would be a great help....I don't think I can order by saying the big fan...ha ha  Again thank you for you help
  • oh yea one more thing,  I know I should know this, but How do I get to the diagnostics to run it.  I don't think I have ever run that before.
    Thanks Again
  • The big fan by the huge heatsink is the CPU fan.

    You can run the diagnostics by pressing F12 at boot or booting from the resource CD.

    Make sure the fan and heatsink are clean and dust free. Dust clogged cooling systems don't cool very well.