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Optiplex GX620 upgrading graphics


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Optiplex GX620 upgrading graphics

  • Hello! I have Dell Optiplex GX620 with integrated (poor) graphic card. I want to upgrade it and I was wondering could someone help me with few answers. After looking around, I concluded that GX620 supports PCI-E graphic cards. First of all I need to know is that true? Secondly, I have found a PCI-E graphic card which I want to buy. It is Sapphire Radeon X1950Pro. So... I was wondering is this card compatible with my GX620, and will I have any problems with running it? Also, is my power supply good enough for this card and whole system to run properly. Please, people... I really do not want to spend few hundred bucks for nothing. Thanks 4 your concern! :D Regards

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  • Anyone?

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  • Did you search these boards? This question has been answered before.

    The GX620 does have a PCIe slot. The chassis size plays a large role in what you can use though. Unless you have a tower, that 1950 will not work due to it's size. Even in the tower model it's close whether the powersupply can handle it (probably can, but it's close between the powersupply's power and the videocard's power requirements).

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  • yes... sorry! I planned to write a reply here about that! I searched boards last night and I did and did not find an answer. I mean, there is always mentioned Precision model, but I did not find almost nothing about Optiplex models. The main thing that bothers me here about this card is PSU compatibility. I do have tower chassis, and place should not represent a problem, but I still do not now what about PSU. I have standard 305W dell PSU. I found a lot of answers... some people say that they could use x1950 graphic with even 250W PSU, and some say that these PSUs can not power graphic. They suggest 7600GT or x1650 cards with 305W PSUs, but I think that power they need is not far from power used by x1950 card. So the only solution is if someone on this forum did actually use this card on standard 305W PSU, so he can really tell me is it possible. I do not now are these speculations on boards really true... none of them did not really use this card, so I believe they can not really now is it possible ir not. hmm...
  • This may help:


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  • thanks packard but I have already seen this article... anyways, x1950pro is not on the list, so I can not be sure about voltage, i can only guess... :s
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