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Parallel port question

  • I have an old IBM scanner (model 0275-011) that was working on my old computer,
    a Gateway 866mhz machine with windows xp upgraded from windows me. The scanner
    has only a parallel port connection and worked fine on this machine with a downloaded
    xp driver. 
    I now have a new Dell Dimension E520 (windows xp mce) that did not have a parallel port. I have added aparallel port card and it is recognized in Device Manager.  I can use this port to print but it will not recognize the scanner.  I also noticed that there is nothing in the E520 BIOS setup to
    indicate a parallel port.  Any one have any ideas on how I might get this scanner to work?
  • You won't find anything in bios setup for the card since it uses its own.  Any adjustments you make would need to be done through driver software provided for the card.  If there is none it is supposed to be automatic.
    Things like scanners and HP multipurpose printers are a problem for some LPT port devices.  They require a port that can accept as well as transmit data.  What you are looking for is an LPT adapter that can provide a bi-directional port.  These come with initials like PS-2 compatible, ECP, and EPP.  If your card does not advertise one of these it may be limited to output only, fine for a printer but not so fine for a scanner.

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  • I have had correspondence with the card vendor which indicated I should go into device manager and under the properties / ports settings tab, set the I/O addresses to what the scanner requires.
    However, these options are greyed out and cannot be changed. The card vendor says this may
    mean the card and motherboard are incompatible.  Could this be correct, if so it looks I'm
    out of luck.
  • Parallel ports have standard addresses that are not normally changed.  Most software that needs one expects it to be the standard address and have no provision to make changes.  I think your vendor is passing the buck.
    Things you might try if you haven't already;
    1.  Use device manager to uninstall the card, restart Windows and allow Windows to reinstall it to see if that will reset it.
    2.  Uninstall your scanner, to include any drivers that were loaded (use Add/Remove in the control panel) and reinstall it in accordance with the manufacturer's procedure.  If you originally installed the scanner before you installed the card this will allow the software to find the card.
    3.  Return the card, select one made by another vendor.

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