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  • I am somewhat of a no0b at doing technical work, though I have done a lot of hardware/software troubleshooting for many people.
    I am working on a friends system right now, who can boot to the windows screen where it asks for a username/password.
    He has forgotten his password and my question is:
    I have followed all the steps to reset both the BIOS/CMOS but nothing bypasses the login in or resets.
    Ive done the PSWD/RTCRST jumper switching
    Ive removed the CMOS battery(seems pointless on these PCs)
    Also, I am just curious: I see the three prong set where jumpers are usually located but its default location is on PSWD?

    I NEED HELP! What am I doing wrong!
  • Is this a bios password or a windows password?
    Try leaving it blank.
  • Just get the disk it came and reinstall the operating system.  I assume that if he hasn't used it in so long that he forgot his password there is nothing important on it.