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GX520 Motherboard Upgrade


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GX520 Motherboard Upgrade

  • Hi,
    i would like to upgrade the motherboard on my Optiplex GX520 to accomodate a PCI-e graphics Card.
    I can get a hold of a GX620 motherboard which i believe would be a direct swap?  any idea what the part number is for a GX620 mobo just so i know i'm getting the right one - its for a mini-tower
    is there anything else i would need to change?
    is there a guide to changing a btx motherboard online anywhere?  i have never swapped a mobo before so don't really know what i'm doing but have been told it can be done in ten minutes.
    any idea how this would effect my warranty?

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  • The part number is F8098. Service manual: support.dell.com, enter service tag, choose Manuals, Service Manual, removing and replacing parts. Yes, it will void your warranty to replace the system board.
  • Thanks,
    do you know if i can upgrade the PSU? 
    i was thinking of something in the range of 400 watt to get a half decent graphics card.
    Would i need just any 24 pin PSU or does it need to be a Dell?
  • Yes, a standard BTX-connector PSU will work fine.
  • Thanks for your help.
  • On emore question,
    would a dell PSU with model number  H305P fit in my case?
  • Probably you don't need upgrade your PSU.

  • Patolino wrote:
    Probably you don't need upgrade your PSU.


    bearing in mind it is a 220watt PSU in the GX520 do you still stand by this statement?  or would the 305w be needed?  i see your test shows only 200w drawn but would extra not be needed to allow a tolerance for peaks?
  • Hi ZooHornRollo,
    Generally speaking, you can push DELL's power supplies. They are undermarked!
    Based on my tests 200.8W was the "highest" consumed (peak) with all devices FULL LOAD (Graphics Card, Processor, 2 x HD, 2 x DVD and Network Card).
    If you decide to go, don't forget to share your results later at this Forum.
    Best Regards, :smileywink: