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PCI Serial or Parallel Port Dimension E520

  • Recently I tried to install a PCI Serial Card in my computer.  I have a label printer that uses either a parallel or serial port.  I exhausted all avenues to get the right drivers and then consulted the softwear manufacturer and didn't get anywhere from their recommendations.  Anyone else out there that has had experience with this? 
  • Burgy,
    I have had success installing both parallel and serial I/O cards in 520 systems.  What brand/model of card did you attempt to install?
  • Did you try a usb to parallel converter cable?
  • MaryG,
    I have tried them and have chosen not to use them ever again.  I will purchase a new printer if my only choice is to use a parallel or serial to USB convertor. 
  • I tried Manhattan with Sunix - a single serial and then a parallel.  What brand did you use? 
  • Yes and it would not work with the label printer I was trying to install.
  • Yes it did not work with the label printer I was trying to install.
  • Burgy,
    I have used both Rosewill and SIIG.  Neither of these is expensive and I have not had any problems with either brand.
  • Could you please specify exactly which cards work with your E520 please? For example, is the SIIG card a JJ-P11012-S6? Please include the exact part number.
    I bought a LAVA SP-PCI which does not work--no new hardware was detected by Windows XP.  I therefore contacted LAVA in Toronto who blamed the E520 BIOS of the motherboard. Updating the E520 BIOS to the latest version did not help though.
    The same LAVA SP-PCI card caused an older Asus motherboard Duron 900 W2K PC to lock-up on boot. When the card was removed, the PC booted to Windows as normal.
    LAVA think they may have fixed the problem with a new release of the SP-PCI card. They also admitted that they had received reports of similar problems with their cards being installed in the latetst HP PC's.
  • I contacted LAVA regarding their SP-PCI card and explained that it would not work in my Dell Dimension E520.
    Lava acknowledged that they have had problems with their PCI cards not working in the latest dual-core motherboards and sent a new PCI card.
    The second PCI card worked fine and allows me to use my US Robotics 56k External Fax Modem on the COM port and an Oki Page 4W led printer connected to the parallel port.
    The latest LAVA SP-PCI cards do work with the latest Dell computers.