Upgrade cpu optiplex gx 520


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Upgrade cpu optiplex gx 520

  • i´m trying to upgrade the optiplex gx 520 cpu from celeron D to pentium D but i can´t the bios show me a message procesor incompatible the question is the optiplex gx 520 expandible? if it is what procesor can i put?
  • VlaDJ,

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    The OptiPlex™ GX520 system supports the Intel® Pentium® 4 (Prescott) 5xx series and Pentium 4 Celeron® 3xx series processors.
    Beginning March 17, 2006, the GX520 also supports the Intel Pentium D (Smithfield) 8xx series processors.

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  • Maybe it will work if you upgrade the BIOS version.
    Anyway, you will need a better heatsink. Your computer has a mainstream heatsink, and you need a performance heatsink.
    Pentium 524, 531, 630, 640, 650 and all Celeron D: mainstream heatsink
    Pentium 660, 670 and all Pentium D: performance heatsink (with heatpipes)

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  • Its me again happens something very weird, i ran a A11 bios version after the installation of the Pentium D processor appears the Pentium logo then a alert message "alert an incompatible processor has detected f1 ti continue f2 setup utility" if i choose setup and check The processor info i see all the Pentium D info perfectly respecified else i choose f1 continue windows boot normally if i check in the control panel system general info appears all specifications of Pentium D. I'm never have seen something like that what can i do?
  • You may try to reset the nvram:
  • When I upgraded my GX620 from a 521 to 920 I did not need to change the heatsink. It doesn't overheat either.
  • Hydralisk00222,
    I'm glad to know that it worked fine because I have an Optiplex GX620 mini-tower with a Pentium 4 630 (3.0Ghz FSB 800Mhz 2Mb L2).
    1. Is your GX620 a mini-tower?
    2. Does your GX620 have a mainstream heatsink (like the picture below) or a performance heatsink (with a internal heatpipe)?
    3. Did you get a "incompatible processor" warning?
  • I tried installing a P4 531 into my GX520 which previously was working fine with a P4 521. It gave me a "processor not supported" message which doesn't make since to me since they are pretty much the same CPU with a 200 MHz speed difference. Any suggestions on how to get it to accept the new CPU?
  • Anyone know if a GX620 D805 can be upgraded to a D920? Thoughts? thanks
  • Hi I have a Dell GX520 sff...My cpu was a 2.6GHZ....I have now upgraded to a Intel Pentium P4 661 Processor 3.60GHz 800FSB cpu / Part Number HH80552PG1042M CPU Speed 3.6GHz Package Type LGA775 L2 Cache 2 MB I updated the system bios. Then i have the same problem. My pc works fine with it,except on start-up it askes to use F1 or F2 keys because of imcompatability...but after pressing F1 it starts into windows and works fine. I have tryed reseting the NVram , but this seems to make no difference. Any suggestions please ??
  • What is NVram. I am asking because I have built 2 computers and have never heard this term before.

  • concerro

    What is NVram. I am asking because I have built 2 computers and have never heard this term before.

    Go HERE 
    NVRAM is another name for CMOS.


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  • The 520 will error out with CPU's faster than 2.8ghz and say Incompatable processor. The GX620 does not have this issue.

    You do need to update the bios however on the 620.

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