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My new Precision 390 wont boot-up - help please


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My new Precision 390 wont boot-up - help please

  • My new Precision 390 wont boot-up - it doesnt get beyond the Dell logo page (which displays "BIOS Revision 1.0.5"). The Dell log screen disappears after 2 seconds, then comes back after 3 seconds then disappears again, comes back, goes etc., etc.,

    There are no diagnostic beeps to report, and the diagnostic lights are changing the whole time ( until I install the diagnostic cd when they settle).

    Ive run the diagnostic tests from the CD (cant do it from Hard Drive) and no faults to report.

    Is Windows installed on the machine? Im not sure. Theres a windows logo on the tower! Anyway, I stuck in an XP disc to see if I could do something but nothing happens.

    What to do. Help please.
  • Unplug all devices and cables from the PC except for the power cord, monitor, keyboard and mouse. and try to boot. If it does, then you have to plug things back in 1 at a time and try to boot, untill you find the one that is causing this condition.
  • No devices connected, not even a mouse - just a keyboard, so this possible solution not applicable
  • Sounds to me like the BIOS reset jumper is engaged.
      Just an idea.
  • How would I tackle that problem Smoothmove?
  • It would be a green jumper on the middle- right side of the mobo.  It would be #9 on the schmatic of the mobo from the Dell owner's manual.
      IF not    try unplugging the computer and remove the CMOS-  round silver battery and leave it out for about a minute.    Put it back in and try to boot up.  A bios setting may have gone bad. 
     When is the last time you updated the bios?
  • Oh,  there are tow positions for that cmos jumper, CHECK the owners manual for the correct positon. 
    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>
      ON the schmatic the cmos (#9) and the password jumpers (#23) fromt the first link I on this reply.

    Clearing CMOS Settings

     CAUTION: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide.

    1. Follow the procedures in Before You Begin.

    2. Remove the computer cover (see Removing the Computer Cover).

    3. Reset the current CMOS settings:

      1. Locate the password (PSWD) and (RTCRST) jumpers on the system board (see System Board Components).

      1. Remove the password from its pins.

      2. Place the password jumper plug on the RTCRST pins and wait approximately 5 seconds.

      3. Remove the jumper plug from the RTCRST pins and place it back on the password pins.

    4. Replace the computer cover. See Replacing the Computer Cover.

      <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

     NOTICE: To connect a network cable, first plug the cable into the network port or device and then plug it into the computer.

    1. Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and turn them on.


      If I get a call from Dell with a job offer, I am blaming this post. :smileyvery-happy:

  • Do the password (PSWD) and (RTCRST) jumpers unplug - ie., if i steadily pull on them im not going to rip out a soldered connection ami I?
  • they have a "pull tab" on them so they will pull off.  They are not soldered on.
     I would try pulling the battery first.  It is the easiest.  Pull it, wait a minute and turn it back on.
     That will reset the bios as well.
  • you will have to UNPLUG the computer BEFORE pulling the battery
  • Hi Smoothmove
    Million thanks - removal and replacement of battery has sorted this out.But:-

    Subsequently got a message, something like "previous Fan failure and Battery Low Voltage warning".

    I have checked checked the battery and it is fine (3v)

    Now getting two beeps and "Floppy diskette seek failure. Strike F1 to continue or F2 to run setup".

    The funny thing is I dont have a floppy disc drive. When Ive gone to f2 and swithched the Diskette Drive off I am returned to the Dell Logo page loop.
  • When you clear the bios by removing the battery, it will reset everything to factory settings.
     You need to go into the bios and turn the floppy drive to Off or None.
      The low battery may be from a bad battery or simply because you  removed it.   Previos fan failure may have been a fluke or one of the fans are not working.  Check the,
     I am glad to hear it works.    I am surprised Dell did not tell you to do that first.
  • Probably sounds like a dum question but I cant figure out the answer - how do I switch of Floppy Drive. Ive been into bios set-up and cant find this. And as I mentioned earlier, I switched off the "Diskette Drive" but when I exited the set-up i was stuck in the Dell Logo loop again.
    I checked out another computer I have and the it was obvious how to find this stuff, but cant find it on this Dell one
  • What Bios version are you using?
      You can tell in the initial boot up screen.   Write it down and post it.
    Thanks, Stan
  • BIOS Revision 1.0.5