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GX280 compatible CPU's

  • I would like to know exactly which LGA 775 processors I can use on a Dell Optiplex GX280 Mid Tower desktop? I have read that I can user the P4 5xx series and the 6xx series as well. Other state only the 5xx series. The system I have has no processor at this time. The original processor on the mobo was a 3.06 800mhz cpu Prescott.
    Please set the record straight.
  • 5xx and 6x0 should work
    (do not use 6x1 or 6x2 ones they may not work ... the 6x1 series are confirmed to not work, don't know about 6x2)
  • So you think that I could use one of the P4 LGA 775 Presler CPUs? I see that you can get one of these for reasonable prices around the net....Thanks for the info.
  • The Preslers are 9xx series and they will not work
  • Any updated info on this topic? I'd like to upgrade the processor in my GX280 tower. It has the latest BIOS (08). Any help is appreciated. EDIT: further searching shows one person using a P4 670 in his GX280. He commented on some heat issues. Any other comments? Again, any help is appreciated.

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  • If you go with the 670 P4 recommend that you look to use another CPU cooling method, rather than the stock CPU heat sink on the Dell or the Intel heat sink/fan. I have a P4 650 and it runs fine, And I am using the stock heatsink/fan. You cannot use any other processors outside the 5x0 and 6x0 P4 LGA 775. It is mainly a limitation of the motherboard. Dual core is right out!