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Inspiron e1505 fan problems

  • Hello Is There Anyone Who Has The Fan Coming On High All The Time And Staying On High At The Begining Of The Cycle.And Staying On High Until The Computer Is Restarted.
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  • Got It Thanks Vince For Your help
  • I have the same problem. I got my e1505 back early april 06. Problem started appearing the last few months. For me, it happens when the lid is closed and goes to stanby. After a few hours, SOMETIMES the fan goes comes on high and the cpu usage goes high and system slows down. Has now occurred 3 times in last few months. Opening the lid and coming back from standby, then restarting corrects this...til the next time. Seems like a system problem. I think, that the system is setting register bit that controls the fan, to hi. Maybe due to a timing bug or bug in the power mgmt sw settings. This does not appear to be a heat related event, since it has always occurred when the ambient temp is not hot. If you look at the user forum there are a few fan problems, stated around the early april time period. I wonder if it is a lot build problem? It's too bad that you cannot expect a relevant analysis and solution from Dell. The few times I have tried, were not worth the effort. At least I have not had a serious enough problem, so far to keep me from enjoying the e1505.