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Wake-On-LAN Dimension 2400 - !!! IT WORKS !!!


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Wake-On-LAN Dimension 2400 - !!! IT WORKS !!!

  • I got WOL to work on a dell dimension 2400, the following is
    the BIOS settings and NIC info:

    BIOS Setup
    Power Management
    Suspend Mode: S3
    AC Power ...: Off
    Low Power Mode: Off

    System Security
    PXE BIS ....: Accept

    Auto Power On: Disabled

    Remote Wake Up: On (Note: If you don't have this line
    in your BIOS then it won't
    work. )

    NIC Hardware
    Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabyte
    Note: DO NOT USE the motherboard integrated
  • What do you do then to actually wake the machine? I have never tried it.

    nice gadget
  • Thanks, that was very helpful. I got my machines to wake up from standby/hibernation. No luck so far getting them to boot up from an off state (I do see the ethernet link is active when it is off, though).

  • Peter345, the whole purpose of WOL is to remotely control a PC whether it's turn-on or off.

    First, you need a separate program to turn on the pc from another computer. You can do a search on "wol programs" that will remotely turn on the pc (be sure to pick a free one, on my mac I use "wakeup"). Be sure to wait a couple of minutes to give the remote pc time to load its operating system.

    Second, you need another program that actually opens up a connection to the remote pc. This program will open up a window on your screen that looks just like the remote pc's display screen; in this window your keyboard clicks and mouse movements are sent to the remote pc. All you have to then is just login and do whatever you want to do on the remote pc and when your finished just shut it down normally. Microsoft has a program called "remote desktop connection (RDC)", I use the mac version and its free.

    I use wol to do large downloads off the internet from an old pc (which is in another room) that I still had after I changed to macs. From my desk I can turn on the pc do a download and then shut it down, all this happens while I continue with my other work on the mac.

    Hope this help!
  • Good info, thanks!

  • So is it impossible to utilize WoL on the Dimension 2400 with just the onboard NIC?
  • Hi there,
    I've got this Dim 2400 at my desk, however as you tell the onboard nic is not able to do WOL at all... i tried both the stand-by (s3 or s1) and the s4... none of them worked.
    Then i pulled out a wol pci nic, however this needs the WOL-cable attached, and there is (As far as i can see) no pins on the motherboard for this... i suppose i need to get one that does wol through the PCI brigde.
    Any other got same situation and perhaps some hints?