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Changing "Registered To" Name


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Changing "Registered To" Name

  • I recently transfered ownership officially on the Dell Site.  How do I change the "Registered to" name in the showing in the General Tab Properties of "My Computer."?   Thanks in advance.
  • Right click on My Computer
    Select Properties
    Select Advanced
    Select Settings under USER PROFILE heading
    Select Change/ADD
  • Thanks. But not finding it.  In the that area, it lets me select an Admin profile and another profile (the one that the computer is currently registered to). When click to change, has 2 choices for roaming and local and local can be selected. Don't see an ADD there.
  • Yup! You're bad!
    You will need to go to control panel, user accounts, to change the profile.
  • I am assuming that under local control (an administrative account) you do not need a password.
    You may need to add an account before you can delete the previous.
  • Don't think that's it. I have previously deleted the profile of the previous owner in the USER ACCOUNTS and have one of my own there.  Deleting that profile had no effect on the "Registered to" Name in that Dialog Box i mentioned in the My Computers Properties, General.  There is also a main user folder (that has mydocuments and other stuff under it) with this same persons name that will never allow me to change that name by just trying to change the name of the folder. Any help?
  • Maybe I misuderstood your question.
    The Registered To: NAME
    is part of the install process when Windows was initiated on the drive
    Best I recall you need to change not only the user name but also the computer name from control panel as this will reset everything to the new name which can not be the same as the old name.
    The only thing you deleted was the old profile for the orginal user when you went into my documents USERS. That has no effect on the Windows Registry which is where the information you need changed resides.
    You can use REGEDIT to change the registered NAME.
  • Denny has a small script to change registered owner available here:
  • Thought names were Dan and Tish, and script by Doug Knox, but I could be mistaken.  Helpful post anyway!

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  • Just place the following in a file named: RegisteredOwner.cmd

    REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v RegisteredOwner /d "Your Name Here"
    REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" /v RegisteredOrganization /d "Your Organization Here"

    and then run the file.
  • dssdbs
    Yes, that is the most direct and best way to change the owner name and / or organization.
  • Worked like a charm!! Thank you!