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Dell Dimension 3100, how to update BIOS ? (not supporting Intel 550 3.4Ghz 1Mb FSB800)


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Dell Dimension 3100, how to update BIOS ? (not supporting Intel 550 3.4Ghz 1Mb FSB800)

  • Dear Sirs.
    I have Dell Dimension 3100 with CPU Intel 3.0Ghz.
    i want to update to 3.4Ghz 1024K 800FSB (Intel 550), but i can not. from specifications i found info it's supporting up to Intel 650 (3.4Ghz, 2Mb, FSB800)
    please, help me to solve this matter.
    thanks a lot
  • Click here for a download of version A04 which is the latest BIOS for your system.  Then follow the instructions I have listed below for using that download to update the BIOS.
    Updating the BIOS is easy to do, but there is a slight risk in doing so.  That risk change range from a minor problem of having to clear the NVRAM to the worse case scenario of the BIOS update corrupting the installed BIOS on the motherboard.  This would then require a motherboard replacement.  If the system is still under warranty then repairs related to a bad BIOS flash are covered by the warranty.  To lessen this risk never do a BIOS update will weather conditions outside might indicate a possible power outage such as doing the update during a thunderstorm.  I would also suggest closing out all unneeded Windows applications prior to doing the update and disconnecting all unneeded USB devices except for the mouse and keyboard.  This will lessen the chance of the system hanging during the reboot phase of the BIOS update due to a Windows problem. 

    To update your BIOS just download the file to a folder on your hard drive and run it from there.  Avoid saving the file to your desktop as Windows has a quirk which can make deleting the file afterwards difficult to do.  Once the file is run the process of updating your BIOS will take less than 30 seconds so your exposure to potential problems is minimal.
  • Dear, i tryed, but BIOS version for my system is DC051, and i can not to update BIOS.
    what i can do else?
  • DC051 is the Dimension 3100C model.  The latest BIOS version for that machine is A02 and it can be downloaded by clicking here.  Since A02 is such a low BIOS version number you may have that installed already on your system.  Prior to updating the BIOS go into the BIOS Setup by pressing the F2 key at boot up and see what BIOS version is listed on that page in the System Info.