Optiplex GX280, Maximum memory capacity???


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Optiplex GX280, Maximum memory capacity???

  • hello everyone, my first post :)
    just got myself a dell optiplex GX280 desktop/mini tower pc
    P4 3.0 processor speed, xp pro, 80gb sata hdd, 512mb PC2-3200 ddr2 (400mhz speed, i think)
    what is the maximum memory i can upgrade this machine too??
    and what would be the best type of ram, speed and configuration to use??
    this is a scan report from crucial.com-
    so bearing this in mind would TWO of these "corsair 1gb DDR2 533mhz" memory work fine??
    all i use it for is- internet surfing, downloading, music, pics, movies etc NOT really for games!
    so would 2gb of memory be suitable and faster??

    Thanks guys :)

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  • Memory


    400 & 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    Memory connectors

    small form-factor computer: 2
    small desktop computer: 4
    desktop computer: 4
    small mini-tower computer: 4
    mini-tower computer: 4

    Memory capacities

    128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, or 1 GB non-ECC

    Minimum memory

    dual-channel: 256 MB
    single-channel: 128 MB

    Maximum memory

    small form-factor computer: 2 GB
    small desktop computer: 4 GB
    desktop computer: 4 GB
    small mini-tower computer: 4 GB
    mini-tower computer: 4 GB

  • anything beyond 512mb for your kind of use is a waste
  • Well I disagree with that. 1 Gig is good for many games 2 gig is great. 3 gig is not worth while and trying to get to 4 gig without emt64 now thats a waste.

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  • but he said it was not for games

    if he gamed then i'd have no problems recommending 1gb or 2gb.

    i still think 3gb+ is a waste...

  • thank you very much for your help guys :)

    i work in the gaming retail industry so i always have computer games, so i may well occasionally use it for games aswell you see!

    anyway, ive heard that "corsair" are one of the best memory brands???
    so would you reccomend me that "corsair 2 x 1gb DDR2 533mhz" that i found?? if not why not and which one would be better??

    i have this version of the gx280:


    its weird the crucial scan shows maximum of 8gb capacity?? and what does front bus speed mean??

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  • the corsair memory is a "value" range ram apparently!

    does this mean its bad in any way, or whats the difference compared to a similar spec corsair memory but higher priced??
  • corsair is a good brand

    when i upgraded by gx280 i just bought some cheap Gateway/Micron RAM and it worked for me

  • hey you have the same model pc as me :)

    which size memory in particular did you buy and in what configuration??
    was it same as mine 2 x 1gb pc2-4200 533mhz ddr2??

    the best price i can find on that corsair memory is £120! how does that sound??
  • i upgraded to 1gb (2x512mb) pc2-3200 400MHz ddr2

    i donno about the money because I am in the US :P ... I paid $50 for that

    and yes i have that same model

  • yes it is true, i still use my original dell optiplex gx280, 10+ years old

    just replaced 2x512mb memory and purchased 4x1gb (max for four slots) ddr2, PC2-

    6300, 667MHz made by pacific sun at frys electronics in downers grove, il, total cost,

    $34, much faster on single/multiple window apps and web searching 

    if you still have this model, consider spending the $34 b4 you buy new machine

    frys return policy is 30 days, good luck!