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service tag finder - examining current configuration


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service tag finder - examining current configuration

  • I'm not able to get service tag finder to examine my system. I do not recall having selected and option to prevent this...but you never know. Anyone know of a way to turn this back on.  I have pressed F5 but no luck. Below is the mesage I'm getting. I logged out, deleted cookies but still no luck.
    You have chosen to not let service tag finder examine your system
  • Are you using IE to check? You may have to download something(been a while since I've done it). Check the yellow bar below the address bar and see what it says when you try again. The last time I checked it would not work if you were using Firefox.
  • turns out it was an activex control from dell that I had to delete.  now it works.
  • I'm having the same issue - what activex control did you remove to get this working properly?
  • Did you find out which one he deleted?
  • look in your activeX directory:

  • this is where you can find the file
    C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files
    it is called Dell PC checkup control
    delete it and then reinstall from Dell website