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loading pbr for descriptor 2...failed


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loading pbr for descriptor 2...failed

  • does anybody know how to fix an error that says   Loading PBR for descriptor 2...failed

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  • PBR is the Partition Boot Record.
    There might be something wrong with your hard-disk.
    Follow the steps below:
    Start->Run. Type cmd.
    In the command-prompt window, type chkdsk /f. Press Enter.
    (Note: The scan will take place on next reboot, so you might be prompted for restart.)
  • I can't even boot the computer.  It just gets to this point and stops
  • Can you get to the Dell diagnostics (f12 at boot)?
  • Hia, I'm having just the same problem, so I'd be very grateful to anyone with solution to it .


    But I've gonea bit further in attempts to sove it, and still the same message


     loading pbr for descriptor 2...failed

    NTLDR is missing

    Press CTRL+ ALT + DEL to restart the computer


    and if I try to boot from CD  - it just stops at some point of loading and gives another blue screen with white message on half of the screen.


    Any help would be much appreciated



  • I'm also having this same problem on a Dell Dimension 3000.  It normally runs a prime number generation program off in the corner.  I shut it down last night and everything was just fine.


    Tonight I decided to boot and start the work up again and now I get this error message.  One minute it is working, I let the machine sit powered off, and now it won't work.  Go figure.


    I'm able to get into diagnostics (F10).  I have yet to see any errors but they are still running.


    If everything looks good where should I go from here?



  • Hia,


    I soved my problem and here's the Link

    I would still recommend that you type your question in a new thread, so people might look at it. 


    Hope this help


    cheers Al