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Can't start Windows, getting Windows Protection Error, System Halted


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Can't start Windows, getting Windows Protection Error, System Halted

  • Hi,

    I have a Dell Dimension 8100, running Windows Me.

    I can't get my PC to load to the Windows desktop (I'm writing this email on a different computer). Here is exactly what happens:

    I press the power button. The Dell Logo (w/setup, boot menu) comes on.

    The Windows Me Startup menu comes on the screen (with a choice of Safe Mode, Normal, etc) and a message, Warning: Windows did not finish loading on the previous attempt.

    No matter which mode I choose (safe or normal, or if I let the 25 second time run out) I get the same blue screen with the message:

    "Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer. System halted."

    I can go no further than this --- can't start in safe mode or get to the desktop.
    It's just frozen at this screen.

    I didn't install or download anything new on the computer. It was working fine yesterday. When I turned it on this morning, this is what I got. I checked the Error Code lights on the back of the computer and they were all green, indicating system is OK.

    I would really appreciate any help, as my warranty is expired and I have already read through the manual (on the Dell website) and searched this forum database.
  • I'm sure you'll get advice from a lot of smarter folks than I, but i got the same message on my Dimension 4400 just a couple of months ago... my hard drive was bad and I had to replace it.

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  • Yes, this generally indicates hard drive failure, or a drive controller. This does not mean everything on the drive is lost, but you will probably have to get a new drive and install Windows new with your restore CD's. The you can use your broken drive as a secondary or "slave"┬ádrive, and hopefully rescue your data.

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