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Dell logo on system properties not available...


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Dell logo on system properties not available...

  • guyz i have reinstalled windows xp home edition on computer, that means i have deleted everything that was on pc before but when i right clicked my computer properties, there was no more dell logo or manufacturer and also see more infomation button that tells service & express code
    i know it is not very important but still it looks good when dell logo is on system properties and also when the computer was not reinstalled (windows xp) in help and support window, there were links to dell community, dell website & more information dell 8300 but nothing is there anymore after reinstallation of windows xp..
    please tell me what i am doing wrong... do i have to install some software from cd's provided by dell such as resource cd... or do i have dowload a software from dell support website
    please help me on this one..
    thanks in advance..
  • Asad8300
    After reading your post, I checked a Dell system that recently had XP reinstalled and the Dell logo, is also, missing from the General Page of System Properties.

    Unfortunately, I don't know of a procedure to replace it, maybe another member can step in with the answer.


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  • The "Dell" graphic you want is a 6k file called oemlogo.bmp and it should be the c:\windows\system32 folder in order to appear on the General page in System control panel.

    There's a backup copy of it in c:\i386 on my D8400. If you only find it in c:\i386, copy it to c:\windows\system32, don't just move the file to the other folder.

    And this leads to the interesting supposition that you could probably name any small .bmp file as oemlogo.bmp and have it appear on that page. The possibilities are endless! ;)

    The file with all your service tag info is OEMINFO.INI in c:\windows\system32, but I'n not sure which file actually creates the Support Info button you have to press to see the service tag info. There are several oem___.bin and oem___.dat files in the folder so it may be one of them.

    Edit: Curiosity got the better of me and I renamed OEMLOGO.bmp and substituted one of my own .bmp files with that name in c:\windows\system32. Sure enough, my .bmp image now appears under the heading "manufactured and supported by" on the General tab in System control panel.

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  • hi, there is no more i386 folder in the local disk... i dont no whatt is happening..

    if i contact will they help me with this problem

    please guyz help me

  • Go HERE

    Look, and click on "Downloads" (near the bottom of the page)
    The files you want are on top.

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  • hey thanks for your help.

    once again thanks for your help

    its dispaying dell logo in the system general tab but how do you get i386 folder back and dell customized HELP & Support Window. can any one provide the soluation to this problem also.

    thanks in advance


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  • Well, that's a different story. I have no idea how to replace the "i386" folder.


    As far as help and support customizations, you will have to have the installation program for that.

    That same website you was at has it, I believe. (PC Health)

    I have it on my computer, however, the  User guides are for a Dimension 4400. I lost mine when I reformatted the first time.

    I was able to get it back, thanks to Bay-Wolf's site, and my Dell CD.

    That's why before doing your first reformat, you may want to back up the PC Health Folder.

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  • hey thanks again, you have solved that problem also for me... u r genie....:smileyhappy:

    but there is another problem with it, its with the keyboard it is acting very bad for example they are two keys on the keyboard and they characters are swaped... for example

    there is a key with caption 2 and above the Q & W key's should display this " but it is displaying this @. and there is another key between this : and this hash displays this and it should display WHICH I AM not able to display it for u bcuz it does not let do this...

    key with caption 2 above Q & W keys displays = @

    key between : & hash key displays =  "

    am i missing a driver relating to keyboard...

    please help me



  • That is weird. I do not have the answer for that. What language did you select when you installed XP??

    You may want to try going to control panel, and  choose Regional and Language options (in classic view) and see what you have selected. I have English--United States.

    Otherwise, I have no idea. Hopefully someone else does.



  • hey thanks again,
    yes i made the mistake i didnt choose the correct country.. and now i have done it
    now everything is fixed and working.. the credit goes to u & all the Dell community members who helped me with these problems.., one more problem is there any latest sound drivers for analog devices (sound max)?
    thanks again
  • Is your sound working?? 
    I assume it's the onboard sound?? The Dell site may have driver downloads for your model, but make sure you get the right kind.
    Otherwise, you may have to post in the audio forum(Dell forum) for your model. They can tell you better than I.
  • Glad you were able to restore your oemlogo.bmp file from Bay Wolf.

    c:\i386 folder is not an essential folder. It contains backup copies of XP system files that are only used when Windows needs to replace a damaged/missing file in some other folder.

    You can try running a Windows system file check to see if it will create c:\i386:
    click start>run
    type in: sfc /scannow
    (space between sfc and /)
    click OK
    Insert XP CD if sfc requests it. Reboot when it's done.


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  • Dude, that shows that next time when you purchase a dell pc, and in a case that you need to reinstall, it is always wise to backup the i386 folder included. ( i still have the original dell installed OS with all the oem stuff :smileyhappy: )
  • Hi Guyzzz,


    I am having the same problem, Could you send the file to me

    oemlogo.bmp and oeminfo.ini


    I can not download the file from the web


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