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Floppy drive keeps running


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Floppy drive keeps running

  • Hi. The floppy drive on my XPS600 repeatedly tries to read a disk, even when one is not in the drive. About every 5 seconds, the drive light comes on and the drive makes a grinding noise. If I put a disk in the drive, it continues to do the same thing. Any suggestions?
  • well these sounds more like software try these first check that any program is scanning your computer or floppy second restart your computer contact dell or simply check your floppy propereties if none of these work do a sistem restore or press f11 and ctrl in the dell sing when you turn on your computer keep my posted in your situtation
  • Hi,

    You can try reseating the FDD cables once, if still the same issue.

    Mostly it should be a software trying to read the drive.Can you tell me what is the antivirus installed in the computer.


    Karthik Adla.


  • Problem solved!! Ran msconfig and deleted all of the startup programs, then added them back in one by one as I restarted each time to troubleshoot. Problem program was called Bounceback Launcher, a data backup program that shipped with my Seagate 300GB backup hard drive.