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What does the "SysRq" button do?


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What does the "SysRq" button do?

  • What does the SysRq button do on the keyboard? It is located next to Scroll Lock.
  • 'sysrq' key functions the same way as the 'print screen' key. :smileyhappy:
  • It's an anachronism left over from the days of terminals connected to larger computers. Why it's still on modern keyboards is a mystery - though I suppose there are few special purpose programs still in existance that use it.

    It, and the Break key, can be considered the appendix of the keyboard -there, but long since useless.

  • In Linux, the kernel can be configured (with CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ=y) to provide emergency functions for system debugging. It is mainly intended for use when the system
    is otherwise unresponsive, but at least some of the kernel still works. Alt+SysRq+letter can be used for synching disks, remounting filesystems readonly, dumping CPU state,
    rebooting, and other functions
    On 84-key keyboards, SysReq was a key of its own. On the later 101-key keyboard, it shares a physical key with the Print Screen key function. One must hold down the Alt
    key while pressing this "dual-function" key to invoke SysReq.
    SysReq (short for System Request) is a key on keyboards for PCs that has no standard use