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Dimension 5150 : How to disable PCI Serial Number Generation


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Dimension 5150 : How to disable PCI Serial Number Generation

  • I have bought a few days ago a Dimension 5150. It was working fine until I add a D-Link DWL 520+ wifi PCI card.
    At the very end of the shutdown process (and only at this moment)  I get an NMI (Non Maskable Interrupt) : Parity Check / Memory Parity Error. Removing the card make the computer shutdown flawless.
    After a few search, I found this : http://support.dlink.com/faq/view.asp?prod_id=1237&question=DWL-520+ where D-Link give advice to disable the PCI Serial Number Generation option in your BIOS. But, on the Dimension 5150, I can't find this option.
    - Does such an option exists in Dimension 5150 BIOS ?
    - If no, is there a known workaround for this problem ?
    Thanks in advance
  • I have the exact same problem with my new Dimension 9150. In my case I am using a USRobotics 5416 wifi PCI card. The card works fine in my old PC (an Athlon based system) and works fine in the Dell (except for this problem on shutdown).
    Dell - can you add the requested option to the Bios so we can fix the problem?
  • Mm.. sounds interesting. See also http://forums.us.dell.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=dim_printer&message.id=29644

    Looks like it may affect a number of cards.
  • I have a Dell 8400 Dimension computer.  Specs are:

    §         Pentium 4 530 with HT technology

    §         3Ghz 1MB L2 cache 800Mhz FSB

    §         1.5G DDR2 SDRAM Memory

    §         WinXP Service Pack 2.

    I recently purchased the Dlink AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ (P/N: IWLG520+EUA3, S/N: EA0714B015575) installation went okay but when I shut down my Dell encounters a NMI Memory Parity error.  This error stops when I remove the card.

    Can you pls provide me with some suggestions to stop the memory parity error and send me through the latest drivers and firmware for this card?  

    How did you go with fixing this?  I too have read about the modifying the BIOS?