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Bios Settings for P3 600mhz Optiplex 450L+


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Bios Settings for P3 600mhz Optiplex 450L+

  • I would like to upgrade the Slim Optiplex GX1 450L+ P3 450mhz CPU to a P3 600mhz CPU.  Does anyone know what are the correct Bios settings to do this .. ie correct bios version, settings on the motherboard? Do I have to be concerned about the extra heat/voltage given off by the CPU and static electricity? What are the correct procedures to do remove the 450mhz and replace with the 600mhz?  I am running XP and my present bios is A07. Thanks.

  • Is it a 600/512 or 600/256 processor?

    The 600/512 (Katmai core) should work with a bios up to A10, but the coppermine and tualatin processors require bios A07.

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  • It is a 600 512 100 2.05v s1 CPU.
  • Here are the specs for the CPU
    sSpec Number: SL3JM
    Processor Frequency: 600MHz
    L2 Cache Speed: 300MHz
    Package Type: S.E.C.C.2
    Core Voltage: 2.05V
    Bus Speed: 100 MHz
    Thermal Guideline: 34.5W
    Core Stepping: kC0
    L2 Cache Size: 512 KB
    CPUID String: 0673
    Thermal Spec: 85°C
    Manufacturing Technology: 0.25 micron
  • Stick with A07 for safety; there have been many cases of 600MHz processors not running above that - the detection is done by a timing loop in the bios not by working out the processor type.  You can go to 1GHz slot 1 PIIIs or 1.1 GHz Celeron socket 370 coppermines using a super slocket III adaptor if you haven't already got the processor - you're not limited to 600MHz...
  • Thank you. 
     Is there anything I have to change physically on the motherboard i.e. jumper settings, etc
  • set the speed jumper to 266mhz or remove the speed jumper.

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