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Precision M70 - Hot Undocking .... NOT

  • Its not like this is some new technology, but from what I can find, there is not consistancy in hot undock or not. I read lots of messages that say "do not hot undock as it will damage the laptop eventually". Yet the dock, Win XP and DELL provide the functionality to do it. So which is it? Don't hot undock (sleep first, then undock?) or is it ok?

    The problem is this, when docked, the laptop is closed, and I'm using the dual monitors on the desk.

    To undock, I press the 'undock request' button on the D-PORT docking station, it beeps after a bit and Windows XP has the message up on the desk monitors that 'its safe to undock now' (so to speak).

    Now I eject the M70 from the dock, open the laptop up and find VIOLA - the screen is blank.

    The laptop is working, it just doesn't fire up the screen (or maybe just the backlighting). Any idea why?

    I have upgraded to the latest BIOS (v 3), and am running Win XP SP2. BIOS is set to HOT undock.

    It was behaving just like this with the v1 BIOS, so the BIOS upgrade didn't do squat, it seems.

    I suppose I could just set it to do warm undock (sleep-undock-restart), but if thats the only stable configuation, why is DELL offering this unstable hot-undock system?
  • hot docking is NOT supported. Shut down. Then undock.

    Its not just damage its PERMANENT damage that happens.

    You risk killing your laptop and its not covered under warranty when abused in this way.

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  • Hi I also have an M70 on a D/Dock station and I run a 24" DVI LCD HP monitor and I can assure you, you can UNDOCK quite safely and get your screen back as I have played these games myself.  The system does prefer to either be put into standby or turned off before undocking, but sometimes you have to HOT UNDOCK as I run multiple hardware which sometimes causes me problems which then reverts me to having to HOT UNDOCK. 

    When you have undocked the machine and end up with a bleack screen all I did which worked pukka for me was  hit the Function (Fn) button together with the F8 and this will bring up  3 pictures (bottom right handside) which will take you through either having laptop external monitor or both together each click of the buttons will take you to the next choice.  If this fails to work try the following keys  Alt button together with your enter button and this SHOULD wake up the laptop screen.


    If this fails hot dock and use Fn and F8 to just give laptop screen then hot undock, this sets the Nvidia card up ready for the loss of a screen.  Hope this works it did for me good luck.

  • Excellent message guys..glad I finally found it. My Precision M70 is doing the same thing when I hot undock. In fact, it started acting up even when shutting down in the docking station then powering on using the laptop screen. I get the XP logo then the blank screen. The only way I've been able to fix it so far is by closing the laptop lid, then re-opening it. This has always got the laptop screen to come on, although it is a little clunky. I will try your recommendations
  • Well, I spoke too soon. Here's what I did and the result I got. -Shutdown in docking station. -Cold undock laptop -Power on laptop not connected to docking station -I see the XP logo then screen goes blank. -Try the Fn+F8 and alt-enter as suggested. No difference. Screen still blank -Close Lid. -Open Lid. Screen flashes what looks like 640x480 for a fraction of a second then displays 1920x1200 properly. -No I can login This happens both for hot undocking and cold undocking. Any Ideas