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Need pinout information for 4600 motherboard


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Need pinout information for 4600 motherboard

  • I bought a Thermaltake Media Lab case and have installed the 4600 drives, motherboard, power supply, etc. in the new case but I need to find out the pinout information for the various connectors, i.e. front-panel I/O connector, front-panel audio connector, etc. so I can hookup the similar components on the new case. I called Dell tech support and all they could give me was the power supply pinouts. Does anyone have a source for the other connector pinouts?
  • This might help:

    It shows the pinouts for many connectors. It is for the integrated graphics board. There is a different service manual for those with non-integrated graphics.

  • Thanks Peter. That's the one Dell gave me that has all the power supply pinouts on it. They said they have no information for the module on the front of the case that contains the headphone jack and two USB ports or the connector (J9G1) the cable plugs into. I want to cut the plug off the Dell cable and splice it to the wires coming from the Thermaltake module. I assume the wires on the Dell cable are D-, D+, PWR, etc.
  • rbeckert

    Dell has not published the pinouts of the proprietary motherboards.  
    The following information may or may not be useful,
    1: HD LED +
    2: Power LED +
    3: HD LED -
    4: Power LED -
    5: Reset
    6: Power
    7: Reset
    8: Power
    Email me at for more on the 4600's motherboard.


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